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3 Pieces of a Transformational Coaching Program

Transformational Coaching

If you’re someone that is selling single sessions and that’s it – it’s going to be an uphill battle for you unless you create and implement a signature program that helps people transform their health. To be completely honest, what people are truly looking to pay the big bucks for is transformational coaching. They want to transform and feel better. And we know as health coaches that a single session isn’t going to do that. I wish we can transform someone in one hour, but transformation really comes from hard work and dedication.

And this is why you need a signature program. This is packaging all your expertise and put everything that you know into a short or long term program that your clients can commit to upfront. Because we know that when we get upfront commitment from someone, we have such a great opportunity for them to transform.

Here are three components of a truly transformational coaching program.

Transformational coaching includes: education

A lot of coaches focus on the education piece of their coaching practise. But information does not equal transformation. Because the truth is there is an abundance of information everywhere. If information truly lead to transformation, then everyone would just be transforming all over the place, but that’s not what’s happening.

Now, the education piece of your program is still important. I’m not saying it’s not important. It just can’t be all that you do. You can’t just share education and information with people and expect them to get the result that they want.

You do need to teach people something new. You need to determine what are the pieces of education that you’re going to teach inside your signature program that is going to help facilitate your client to get the result that they ultimately want.

Transform your clients with: support

Truly, this is why people are going to sign up for your one-on-one coaching program because they can find everything they need on Google. All the information they need is out there. But what isn’t out there is the support. And that’s where you come in. This could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions. Whatever works best for you and your niche. This is how you ultimately like to support people and how often you need to meet with people to get them the result.

The support is basically where they have space to ask questions and you can give recommendations, but a lot of what we do inside the support component of our coaching program is hold space. That means you allow people to be frustrated, confused or overwhelmed. This piece of coaching is very powerful. As a coach in this support component, we can use curiosity to ultimately lead people, to figure things out on their own, which is really powerful.

Now, typically people are going to want some sort of access to you for support outside of session. So this might be the ability to send you an email, might be the ability to text you or call you. Or maybe you do something like office hours. Whatever works best for your and your niche client.

Transformational coaching needs: accountability

People need to be held accountable and typically people want to be held accountable. It’s very easy in any health coaching program for someone to fall off track. That’s normal, and you should actually expect it of your clients.

So how do you hold people accountable? You can create assignments, journal entries, you can do check-in calls or checking emails. It’s creating a homework aspect sort of thing where they can keep track of themselves and show you to keep themselves accountable.

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- Kendra
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