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How to Create Your First Digital Product in Your Coaching Business with KellyAnne Zielinski



Digital products may sound tedious, but they could be anything from something you’re giving away for free to get someone on your email list, to a $20,000 masterclass course. That said, digital products are incredibly important for your online health coaching business.

In today’s episode we are talking with KellyAnne about choosing and creating digital products. We are going through the whole process from the idea phase all the way to selling your product and how to be able to like create a market and monetize it.

The benefits of creating a digital product

There are many benefits to creating a digital product for your coaching business. Digital products can be used in many ways – this means you can take a free webinar (digital product) and turn it into a checklist to sell (another digital product)!

You can make money without physically being there. Meaning you can pre-record or pre-design your product and then sell it! This is incredibly important when you’re running your own business. Because you want to decide what your ideal lifestyle is and then build your business around it.

Creating different online products and services means you’re able to support different ways that your clients and potential clients can consume and learn from you. That brings us to the different types of digital products you can create.

The types of digital products and which is right for you

In order to really know what kind of digital product to create, you really need to ask yourself who am I creating this product for? The more niche that you can be, the better your products are going to be. Thus, the more sales you’re going to get.

There are 4 types of digital products that we discuss & examples of how to apply them:

Audible – exclusive podcasts, live Q&A series

Video – webinars (paid or free), video courses (mini course, full course, masterclass)

Written – ebook, checklists, training manuals, workbooks

Experiential – these are things like that give your audience something to physically do. Quizzes, fitness videos, assignments

How to actually sell your products

There are three steps to go from creating your product to selling it.

1) House it somewhere. This could be linking documents on Google Drive or Dropbox or if it’s a course, something like Kajabi or Thinkific

2) Put in a sales funnel. Think about how you’re going to get more eyes on your product. This could be social media ads, email list, and tons of content that is geared towards supporting your product.

3) Drive traffic! This is where people definitely get caught up because they expect sales to happen pretty quickly. In our opinion, there’s nothing more valuable in a coaching business than eyes on your brand and an email list.

KellyAnne is an Online Business Coach to coaches who are craving to create a business model that makes a difference and makes money WITHOUT them having to physically be there all the time Her purpose is to use her genius to support coaches in packaging their genius into digital products so that they can create multiple streams of income and a more hands-off approach in their business models.

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