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Don’t Offer a Free Consult to get Clients

Are you using a FREE CONSULT as a way to get new clients? STOP. Please!

This is the wrong way to go about getting new clients and it’s likely the reason why closing new clients feels so damn hard!

But before you write me off…hear me out, and listen to my new High on Business episode.

When you position your sales call as a “free consult,” your prospective clients thinks just that they’re getting free information or the opportunity to pick your brain.

People who want FREE INFORMATION are not interested in investing or signing up for your program.

People who are expecting a free consult are surprised when you ask them they to buy.

People who want a free consult don’t necessarily want to actually solve the problem that they have.

So what should you be doing instead?

In this episode

  • Why your free consult is sabotaging your sales
  • Why your free call attracts poor quality leads
  • The type of call you should be marketing
  • The simply shift that will double or even triple you current close rate


I do believe that you can get as high as an 80% close rate when you are attracting the right people onto your initial call. It’s all about the way you position the call. People should be joining that call knowing it’s a connection call to see if you’re a good fit for what they’re looking for. They should not be coming on the call thinking they’re getting free information.

You always need to start your call with two things: connection and intention. If you skip those things, your call is going to be off to a bad start and there’s a good chance you’re not going to close that  potential client.


Humans want to connect with humans, so find something to connect with them on. Before the call, make sure to leave out enough time to do your research…creep them on social media to figure out where do they live or what they’re interested in. Don’t just show up to the call and not know who they are when you’ve actually had all this prior interaction. So be prepared and have a document that shows the interaction that you’ve had and you can refer to that prior interaction as a means for connection.

And if all else fails, if you can’t find anything to connect on, just ask them about the weather. Everyone can connect on the weather.


Intention is so important. You should tell them right off the bat what your intention is of the call. Because if you don’t tell them your intention, then they might be confused at the end when you actually  offer them your services. And part of intention is asking their permission throughout the call. You should continually get consent because it really makes people feel a lot more comfortable.

If at any point you know that this person is not the right fit for you, or this is someone who you can’t help, you got to shut down the call. Your time is valuable and their time is valuable. So you need to shut it down with compassion and with grace. People love that transparency and people love that honesty.

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*The audio states the Rock Your Sales Call Workshop but it has been moved to June 30.

- Kendra
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