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Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: How to Build Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

⁠The entrepreneur roller coaster is real! Entrepreneurship is a confusing and fucked up rollercoaster. You’re up. You’re down. Your stomach is in your throat. You’re vomiting on your shoes!

Just when you feel like you’re making headway, all the sudden you feel like you’re blocked and can’t move forward. 

This is completely normal for every entrepreneur. So if you’re feeling this way right now, don’t give up! You are EXACTLY where you need to be in this moment. The entrepreneurial roller coaster is an important part of the journey.⁠

In today’s YouTube video, I’ll be discussing this roller coaster and how to navigate it…

  • Why the entrepreneur roller coaster happens
  • The internal shift you need to make
  • How to stay focused and on track
  • Strategies to navigate the roller coaster


Before we go into some strategies to smooth out this little entrepreneurial roller coaster, I want to talk about why it feels like a roller coaster.

Building a business is literally the biggest journey in personal development that you will ever do. It’s hard because no one is actually able to build a business inside their comfort zone. We are putting ourselves out there and we’re vulnerable, which is scary! We’re trying new things without knowing the outcome or if we’re going to succeed or fail. That triggers our insecurities, our fears, our self-worth issues, and/or our money issues. So there’s this huge mindset component to building a business that a lot of new business owners aren’t aware of. All these triggers are happening that we were unaware and that’s why it’s like this crazy roller coaster. 

Now let’s talk about some tips for navigating this entrepreneur roller coaster. 

Accept it the entrepreneurial journey

You are doing something that’s hard. You don’t have someone telling you what to do so you have to stay self-motivated. 

So I really recommend that you surrender to the entrepreneur roller coaster. When you’re up, be grateful that you’re up and know that it’s not going to last because at some point you’re going to feel like you’re on the downward swing as well.

Switch your mindset

A big thing that we can do is try to detach from our business and stop tying our self-worth into the success of our business. Because if you are attached emotionally in that way to your business, then every time your business is doing well, it’s going to feed your ego. You’re going to think it means something about you. And then when things go wrong again, you’re going to think it means something about you and it’s going to demolish your ego.

So practicing that conscious awareness and shifting your mindset around the roller coaster and just viewing it as something that’s a part of the business. 

Have a strong sense of purpose

This means going beyond money. You of course have to value money to be an entrepreneur. But the truth is you need something bigger than the money and you need to basically connect to this big “Why”. Why are you doing this? Yes, you want to help people, but go deeper than that. course.

I recommend sitting down and coming up with a big thing of why you do this, because it will help you stay on track when you feel like giving up. 

Create a love notes folder

This is a little folder that you have on your desktop or your phone. Any time you get any type of positive feedback save it into the love notes folder. Because when you’re feeling down, you can open up this folder and realize how many people you’ve helped!

Get a support team to help you navigate the entrepreneur roller coaster

Building a business is hard and it’s going to trigger you. This is why building a business is such a deep dive into personal development and you should not be trying to do it alone. I personally have two counsellors to support me in my personal and business life. I would not be the person I am today without my business. It has challenged me to become a better person and the more my business grows, the more I grow personally. 

I hope this helps you navigate the ups and downs of business!

- Kendra
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