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The Power of Online Group Programs


I love group programs. In my opinion, group programs are a fun business models and right now may be a really good time to consider launching an online group coaching program because it actually allows you to provide a lower priced option to people who may not have as much money to invest right now. In today’s episode of the HIGH on Business podcast, I teach you about the power of group programs and why launching one is not as out of your reach as you think it is.

There are many reasons to launch an online group coaching program. The current climate of what’s going on in the world right now is one of them. But there are many other reasons, including reducing burnout, scaling your business, opening your schedule, and connect with more people.

As health coaches, we want to help as many people as possible and make an impact. With one-on-one clients, we can only take on so many clients at one time. We only have so many hours in the day and at some point you kind of just max out. And then the only way to make more money in that case is to raise your prices. But you can only raise your prices to a certain point. So group programs allow you to scale your business and what that means is you can make more money while helping more people.

Group programs can also open up a lot of time in your schedule to create more freedom. And I think a lot of us became our own bosses because we wanted to have more control over our time. If you can create a really robust and amazing group program that is specifically made for your audience, then you can greatly cut down on the amount of one-on-one clients you take on.

So how can you run a group program? There are few different ways, it just depends on what you want to achieve. With a fixed group program, you’re just running it a few times a year. It will usually last for two to three months and then you get that break in between. And that in between is where you can really create a lot of that freedom. Or there’s ongoing programs, something like a membership model. I really love the membership model because you end up creating this deeply engaged and connected community and you can host events within that group program like challenges.

Group programs even more powerful within this current global crisis because everyone’s online and they have more time to put into bettering themselves and they’re looking for support, and more than ever, they really need the community support. If you’re ready to get started on your group program, download my Profitable Group Program Checklist and learn how to launch your group program in the next 30 days.

- Kendra
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