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Using Human Design To Create More Alignment In Your Biz With Jamie Palmer

Human design is the blueprint of every person. How does this practice help entrepreneurs on the path to success? Kendra Perry dives into the waters of human design with business coach Jamie Palmer as they tackle alignment and the human personality. Jamie gives us a look at some terms and ideas associated with human design and a bonus reading of Kendra’s chart is done as well. Tune in for more great information for entrepreneurs and coaches alike.

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Using Human Design To Create More Alignment In Your Biz With Jamie Palmer

I am fired up and excited. I had the most amazing conversation with Jamie Palmer about human design. You are going to love this episode and want to learn more. Jamie is my former coach and I met her a long time ago, possibly in 2017 when we were both in a group membership program called the Funnel Playground.

We were in that program and met there, and then I ended up working with her. I hired her as my one-on-one coach. This was right after I had had my huge hormone power fail launch that I have talked about a lot on this show. I hired her and she helped me launch my first successful group coaching program, which was High on Energy. I then proceeded to work with her for a few years. She was my one-on-one business coach. We stopped working together at the end of 2021.

It was a long journey with her and I am forever grateful for her. During that time period, she transitioned into helping entrepreneurs with human design and using human design to inform their business. If you are wondering what human design is, it is the ultimate personality test. It combines a whole bunch of different modules, I-Ching system, chakra system, astrology, quantum physics, and all of these things. It combines 8 or 9 different modalities, but as I said, it is truly the ultimate personality test. Jamie is a human design business coach who works with entrepreneurs to build a life in high definition using their unique design blueprint.

This is fascinating stuff. I went deep into human design a couple of years ago in 2020. I tend to do that. I go hard into something and then forget about it for a while, but I did start shifting how I was running my business to align with my human design. I am a projector, which is about 20% of the population. It is a unique energy type and doing that has helped me so much to have more fulfillment and flow in my business.

In this conversation with Jamie, we are going to dive into a little bit more of what human design is, the five different energy types of human design, and then we are going to dive into my chart. You are going to get a deep dive into me and my personality in business. She knows me well. This is going to be a very vulnerable episode for me, but it is super fascinating. By the end of this, you are going to be obsessively researching human design because it is cool stuff. I want to jump into this episode with Jamie. I hope you enjoy the episode. You are going to love it.

Jamie, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Kendra. I am so excited to be here.

I am so excited to talk about human design because it is a hot topic. I went hard into it for a while. I was super obsessed, but that is how I roll. I go intense and then I forget about something for a while. I am excited to review human design, what it is all about, and how you can apply it to business. Before we do that, I would love it if you told the audience a little bit about yourself and how you made this transition because I know this is not what you were always doing.

I started my business when I was twenty. It was originally a website design firm, and then we added in social media marketing and it became popular. I grew the team to about 7 people, 4 employees, and 3 contractors, and I hated it. I was like, “This is not what I want to do.” When I told my clients the favorite thing that they said about working with me was the strategy and coaching that they got with me as part of the social media.

I launched a group coaching program called the Business Ecosystem Builders program in 2018 alongside the Social Made Simple program. In 2019, I was so burnt out from trying to carry both those things forward. I closed my agency on March 8th, 2020, talk about divine timing, and I dove totally into coaching. It was right around 2019 when I decided like, “I can’t do this anymore,” that I got into human design. It is a crazy journey. I did an eighteen-month Advanced Human Design Certificate. I started using it with my clients behind the scenes.

Last year, 2021, I launched the HD Your Biz program. We have the HD Wild, which is all about becoming certified as a human design expert program. It has been this crazy journey because one of the things that I was noticing in the online business coaching space specifically was everybody had a lot of one-size-fits-all approaches to growing their business. I have never believed that there is one specific way that you could grow, not to say that blueprints, processes, and systems do not work. They do, but you still have to customize them to who you are as a person.

Through the lens of human design, I was able to get clients’ results faster because we were working on their human design blueprint and strategy. For those who do not know, if Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, and DISC all had a baby, that is what’s human design. I combined my business strategy and coaching with human design.

We leveraged that to help people, one, better understand who and become more who they are, understand their decision-making process, and then we apply that knowledge to their marketing, sales, and offers, the business side of things. It has been a cool and fun journey. I finally feel like, after several years of being business for myself, I am like, “This is the thing I am supposed to be doing all of this time.” It has been a lot of fun.

I love that so much and when I was learning human design, I was like, “It would be so cool if somebody would like to make this specific to the business,” because when you align with your type, it can help your business. Let’s go back to basics. If you could give the audience an idea of what human design is then we can dive into the various human design types, and then we are going to go into my chart.

Human design is nine different modalities all combined into one. It is astrology, tree of life, Kundalini, Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, I-Ching, the chakra system, but it is these nine different things all combined into one system. The whole intention of human design is to help you better understand who you are, who you are meant to be, your decision-making process, and how you are designed to interact with the world at large.

There are five different types of the human design system. There are layers. If you think of it, it is like a pyramid, so there is type, profile, authority, and definition, and then there are the centers within there. A lot of times, you will hear people talk about types, which are a projector, manifestor, generator, manifesting generator, etc. You will then hear people talk about the profile, which is 2/4, 3/5, or 6/2. There are twelve different profiles.

If you take it a step deeper, and this is where I feel the power is, it is understanding the defined and undefined centers and your authority, which is how you are designed to make decisions. Understanding the gates and the channels within your chart is that extra step of understanding as well. It is a deep tool depending upon how far your interest is in terms of how far you want to go, but the vast majority of people get into it for type and profile.

TWCK 123 | Human Design
Human Design: When you align with your type, it can really help your business.


Let’s dive into the five different types. Give a little brief overview of each type, so the audience gets an idea of that and maybe how the type is determined too.

Type is determined based on what is activated in your chart. I will start with the types where the most people are. Manifesting generators and generators, that is about 60% of the population. Some people classify manifesting generators and generators as the same group. I always separate them out because they are slightly different. Generators are the primary people on the planet. They are here to do and do work they love. They are generators because they have a defined sacral, which is a part of the chart and generators are here to respond, so their strategy is to respond. They dance with life and their not-self theme is frustration.

The manifesting generator is very similar to the generator, but what makes them a manifesting generator is that they have a motor connection to the throat and defined sacral. The manifesting generator strategy is to first visualize the outcome that they want to get, respond to, and then inform, so it is slightly different. Manifesting generators are very multitasking people. They can manage lots of balls in the air. They always appear to be superhuman compared to the other types. They are typically very multi-passionate and they bounce around the room doing all the things.

You mentioned the not-self theme, can you define that?

Not-self theme is when you are out of alignment with yourself. The language of not-self gets used a lot in human design. It is to say when you are not in alignment with your chart.

That is what you will experience when you are not in alignment.

Each type has a specific not-self theme. For generators, it is frustration. Manifesting generators are anger and frustration. Manifestor is the third type and it is here to initiate things and inform that there is a strategy. What makes them a manifestor is they have a direct connection to the throat that is not through the sacral. It is this definition from one of the other centers except for the sacral to the throat. They are here to be the catalyst for change in the world. Their not-self theme is anger. They make up about 8% of the population so there are not a lot of manifestors.

We have got projectors, which are 20% of the population. You are a projector and I am a projector. Manifestors, projectors, and reflectors are the last three types that are going to go through. They are non-energy beings so they do not have that motor to do. They are not here to be in the doing. Projectors’ strategy is to wait for the invitation or the recognition before they move forward.

Projectors are here to guide all the other types and be this leader in the “new world.” The not-self theme of the projector is bitterness and resentment. The fifth type is the reflector which has less than 1% of the population. A reflector has no defined centers or whatsoever so the environment is important for them. Their signature theme is this sense of excitement, wonder, and awe in the world and then their not-self theme is disappointment.

Is that all based on when and where you were born?

If you look at the human design chart, you have got the chart in the middle, which has the nine chakras, and then on the right-hand side, you have got your conscious personality. The right side is in black. On the left-hand side, you have got the subconscious personality, which is in red. The black personality and the red personality combined together to make your chart. The black is pulled at the moment you are born, the red is pulled three months prior to that. Based on the activations in those two things, it discern what the chart is.

Is it easy for anyone to get a chart?

Yes, you can go to and you can pull a chart and it will tell your type, profile, authority, and all the stuff that we have gone over.

We have the human design type, the strategy, and the not-self theme, so how does that correlate with business?

First of all, most people do not behave like their type. Most projectors are often the busiest person in the room because they are taking in the sacral energy because their sacral is undefined. They are taking in that sacral energy from the vast majority of people who have that defined sacral. They are usually running around doing all the things, juggling everything. Many manifestors act like generators. Many generators act like whatever.

The type influences business greatly because if you are not in alignment with how you are intended to interact with the world, it is hard to build a business in a way that feels good. You are a great example of that. Every time I think of you, it is like a minimalist business. It is like, “How can we create a minimalist business with lots of impacts, minimal amount of effort?” That is so in alignment with the projector strategy.

Understanding your type is key in terms of the containers that you offer. As an example, manifestors do not want long relationships with people. They want to get in, initiate change for somebody, and get out. Their superpower is this initiating. They have the initial energy to initiate, but they are terrible at finishing. That is not their superpower.

TWCK 123 | Human Design
Human Design: If you’re not in alignment with how you’re intended to interact with the world, it’s really hard to build a business in a way that feels really good.


Generators and manifesting generators can finish, but they will try to initiate and they can’t. It does not work for them. Understanding how you are designed to interact with other people is super key. I am a projector and I would get so angry when I would be like, “I gave this person the best advice and they are not listening to me.” I would be so bitter and resentful. “This was brilliant advice. Why aren’t they listening?”

It was because I had not been invited to share that advice with them. Projector energy is potent, so giving that unsolicited advice is like, “People are ready to hear that,” and so that type of piece becomes key as you interact with the world at large. That is a big foundational piece with how each of us, based on our type, is meant to interact with the other types.

We are going to go through my chart. I am a projector which I was surprised because I thought I was a generator. The world is almost conditioning people to be generators. I was like, “I am a generator,” and then I saw I was a projector and I was so sad, but now I love it.

A big part of understanding your design and starting to live your design is putting down that conditioning. As you said, much of the world is designed for generators like our schooling and pretty much everything. Generators do not often think that they are generators. It is quite ironic. We are going to go through your chart. You are a projector and you have a 2/5 profile and you have got splenic authority.

For projectors, it is important for them to allow themselves to show up and be seen so that they can start to receive the invitations, like how you show up on Instagram and allow yourself to be seen gets you more invitations and recognition, and it allows people to come into your ecosystem. With the 2/5 profile, I think of type as how you are designed to interact with people. Projector, you are designed to wait for the invitation, and then a profile is a personality that you bring to the world in your interactions.

I will use the human design terms out, not the ones that I like to use, even though they are slightly negative. Two is very much the hermit. I almost think of it as a force field. The two have a force field around them and their environment is important to them. Having the right place for them to live, work, and work out, in different places for different things is important for the two. The two need other people in order to recognize and see their genius.

Twos are very naturally talented, but they do not often realize how talented they are and they need other people to call them out and be like, “Kendra, you are amazing at giving super direct actionable advice,” but once they are established, “Here is the thing I am good at,” they own that. The two very much prefer to be in their little force field and they do not want to have to come out.

I honestly relate to the word hermit a little bit because I am introverted. I come off as extroverted on the internet, but I am not. Sometimes, I do not leave my house for a week. I hang out on the property. I do not always want to be around people.

An ideal date night for two could be like you sitting on the couch with your partner as you both read your own book in front of a fire. The two is like a seed waiting to be planted. My youngest is a two and I can see this in him. He is naturally gifted. You have to plant the seed and you will watch them blossom. They gain confidence over time. They become more confident as they realized, “I am amazing at this.”

That is interesting because I have had those moments where people like, “You are good at this thing,” and I am like, “Am I? Wait for a second, I am.”

That is the two and then you have the five. The five is an interesting profile or line because the two lines make up the profile. There are twelve different combinations of profiles from the 1 to 6 lines. You are 2/5. The five is what we call a projected line or profile. They call it the heretic. I like to think of it as the disruptor. I like that name better. I am a five too. It is this tension that you have to live in when you have a five.

Fives are all about coming in and saving the day when every other thing people have tried does not work anymore. However, the problem with the five is that people can project on you like you will be able to come in and save the day for this thing, even though you might not necessarily want to come in and save the day. Fives will often be very deep people, but they won’t show all the aspects of themselves because they do not necessarily want people to see that they could come in and save the day on all these other things.

They are very selective in what they show to the world. They will have an inner circle of people whom they do show the parts of themselves, but they are often very selective of what they publicly share. It takes a lot of time for them to build trust with people because of the projection field. The projection field starts the moment you are born as a five.

People are constantly placing these expectations on you of being able to come in, fix this thing, and do this thing, or even expectations like, “I want you to be this.” “I want to be this.” That is very much the tension of the five. The fives are often called the person who rides on a white horse. It is the resort of all the other things. I like to say disruptor because it is the person who is willing to challenge the status quo. It is the person who’s willing to think differently and try different things. That tension of the projection can lead to a lot of not great turbulence in relationships.

A great example I always say is I had this woman in my agency days. I was like, “It is going to take six months for this to work.” We literally started posting on social media for her and in two weeks, she was like, “Why have not I gotten twelve clients?” I am like, “I have been saying for the last three months of this setup, it is going to take twelve months,” but that is the example of that projection field. Even though, I was being crystal clear in like, “This is going to take six months,” she had this in my mind that I was going to be able to save the day and it was going to take two weeks for that to happen or however long in her mind she thought. That is the fifth line projection field.

It seems like an interesting balance because I have this savior on the white horse, but I am also the projector. I have all this knowledge and I can save the day but I also have to wait for this invitation as well. It is almost an interesting line to walk in a lot of ways.

It is. In human design, it is always this dichotomy. Everything existed in duality. We talked about like, “Here is your strategy and then not-self theme. Here is the amazing part of being a fifth-line person. Here is the not-so-amazing part of it.” It is the same idea with you are a projector and you have to wait for this invitation in order to come in and save the day for people, but people are always actively looking for somebody to do that. It is ensuring that what they want you to save the day on is in alignment with what you are willing to offer. That is where that magic of being a projector happens in alignment with your profile.

TWCK 123 | Human Design
Human Design: The person who is willing to challenge the status quo is the person who’s willing to think differently, to try different things.


It is so interesting that you say that because I have so many people and it happens weekly. They come to me and they are like, “I have tried all the things. This is the program,” and then it is. My program is the thing and it happens all the time. I am always interested because I am like, “What were these other programs that you did? What were they? What did you learn?” I think my program is super amazing. I am always curious about why did all these other things not work and why is this the thing that does.

It is usually about energetic alignment with your chart. It is funny I had my welcome call from my HD in the Wild program, every person in there is a 6/2 manifesting generator. I am like, “I know how to manage this energy well. It is ironic that I have attracted all these people.” When you look at electromagnetics, which is when you combine two charts and human design, I energetically fill a lot of holes in these people’s charts that they do not have.

When we have a gate in human design, we are constantly trying to attract the other half of that gate to complete the channel. We dig into the layers of how you create a connection chart. You are probably helping them bridge their energy from one part of their chart to another part of their chart because if start to get into the centers of human design, there is what is called definition. You can have multiple areas of definition. You are a single definition. I am a triple split. I have three separate areas of definition, which often means people will have three voices. The vast majority of people are a split definition. Your chart likely helps bridge people split definition.

It makes me want to start asking everyone when and where they were born on all of my new students’ survey charts. I want to see who I am attracting design-wise. They will be like, “Why are you asking where I was born?” “Never mind, just tell me. Do not worry about it.” What is next?

Authority comes next, so that is your decision-making style. There are seven different authorities. You are what they call splenic authority. That is very much this inner gut whisper knowing that happens spontaneously. It is always in the present. It is not something that you have to wait for clarity over time. It is not like a body response where if you had sacral authority, you will see the sacral beings on a call. When something is a yes for them, they will move closer to the screen and if it is a no, it will push away.

Whereas splenic is more of this popping up in the body, this inner knowing, “This is the thing.” With splenic authority and with the defined spleen usually have a keen sense of time. You have a good relationship with fear because the spleen is the source of all fear in the body, so all the primal fears. When you have a defined spleen, you are alert to fear, but you do not hear things if that makes sense.

I noticed that a lot in the action sports and some of the backcountry stuff that I do. I seek fear out, but I am very good at managing it. I know where I like to sit in fear, what is too far, and what is not enough. It is a very interesting relationship.

That is the defined spleen. If you had an undefined spleen, you wouldn’t be able to navigate that relationship with fear as well, because you wouldn’t know what your limits are. It is more like you have this alertness and you are comfortable with it, and that comfortableness with fear allows you to be more alive.

I have always wondered in business that a lot of things have scared me, but the mindset stuff does not take me down. I can have the crap but I punched through the gate and keep going. I have always had that relationship with fear in my business. Things have scared the crap out of me, but I am like, “I will do it anyways,” which I appreciate. That served me well. I didn’t know that.

You have lots of gates in your chart, but you have got one channel. It is the channel of struggle. It connects your root. The root is the source of all stress. It is a pressure center. It is the source of stress and adrenal bubbling up in the body. It is this pressure to do. That 28 connects from the root center to your splenic center, through the channel of struggle. The channel of struggle is all about understanding what is worth fighting for. “I am willing to fight for this cause and I am going to be able to do it in spite of all these things because this is what life is worth living for.”

That one is fully defined. That one goes from start to finish.

That is the only one in your whole chart that you have from start to finish. It is a powerful channel but on the flip side because all things in human design exist in dichotomy. In its purest powerful and healthiest expression, you are clear about your values, you know what you are willing to fight for, and then you fearlessly go out into the world and fight for those things. In its lowest expression, you get swept away in everything and are not sure what to fight for or what is worth fighting for so you will be willing to fight for anything rather than being discerning.

I can see how that manifested in a more toxic and unhealthy form in my twenties and at this point in my life. With that splenic authority, when something is presented to me, I often know right away. Sometimes, I will still be like, “I need to think about it,” but I know. That decision has already been made and it is more of the stubbornness, “I need to go to the forest and think about it,” but really I know.

What is ironic is that you have got an open head, which means you have no gates attached to your head. It is this very fluid ability to think. There are three gates coming off the head, past, present, and future. When you are completely open, you take in and amplify everyone that is around you, and that allows you to think in past, present, and future because of that openness, but the head is the spokesperson of all of the not-self of the center.

Let’s say if you are sacral, it is like, “We got to do this thing. Our lights switch is on. We are finishing this,” that is the not-self of the head that has taken over. Our head wants to be in charge and the one that makes all the decisions. As you said, you intuitively know your body. Your spleen is like, “No, this is not for us,” or, “Yes, this is for us,” but the head, is not willing to give up control?

My head is always trying to control everything all the time.

That is a huge part of the work that I have been working on with people. In American football, you throw the yellow flag on the field when there is a penalty. For me, I use that metaphor of throwing that yellow flag on the field to recognize when we are in the not-self of the body. There are nine centers in the body graph, you have seven undefined centers. There are a lot of opportunities for you to be in the not-self, as an example.

TWCK 123 | Human Design
Human Design: When you’re completely open, you take in everyone that’s around you. That allows you to think in past, present and future.


Learning how to discern and recognize like, “This is my energy. If this is somebody else’s energy, there is a flag on the field here.” Especially in business, we can move forward faster because we are able to recognize these limiting beliefs or this conditioning or this other person’s energy that has taken over our lives.

That is a big struggle for projectors because as you mentioned, there is no defined sacral, so therefore no life force energy, meaning I take my energy from other people like a parasite.

You absorb it and amplify it. Anytime you have a center that is open or undefined, does not matter which center, you are amplifying all of the energy that you are around. My five-year-old has 8 of the 9 centers defined. That kid is constantly conditioning everyone around him in my house because he has so much definition. I have to be conscious of the fact, “I am going to go for a walk and I am going to clear my filters to discern, how am I feeling? I am not certain at this point.” That is how that works in those centers and that is one example. We can take on lots of conditioning. The heart center, as an example, is the will center.

I see this all the time with people who go to a Tony Robbins event. He has a defined heart center and they get all amped up on Tony Robbins’ borrowed willpower. They walk away from this event and they are like, “I can’t follow through on this.” You will even see it on sales pages and stuff. It is forcing people’s will on other people. That is all conditioning because only 37% of the population has a defined heart. That is not that much when you think about it. If you keep these open centers, there is all this wisdom to discern like, “Is this mine? Is this not mine? If I do have energy here, how do I tap into it even when I have an undefined center here?”

It is so interesting because all my closest girlfriends are all generators and manifesting generators, and I go hang out with them and I am like, “This is awesome.” I am so pumped up and extra, over the top crazy. It is such a high, and then I come home and I am like, “I am so exhausted.”

It is so funny, you have got three completely open centers and then the rest are undefined. In open center, you are a clear filter frame, bringing in everything. You do not have any like, “This is mine.” That does not surprise me, but that is normal. If you go to a business event, the projector in the room is usually the person who is bouncing around doing all the things because they are taking in all that sacral energy and they are like, “Let’s go.”

It is like a drug. It is crazy.

It is, but projectors can’t stay in that energy field for that long because they will burn out. They are not designed to operate like that.

I noticed when I go to events and stuff, I have 1 or 2 hours where I am so fired up. My boyfriend always makes fun of you in front of me because he is like, “You have this narrow window where you are super fired up, witty, and fun, everyone loves you, and then you are like, ‘I am done. Let’s go.’” I totally go Houdini and ghost out of the room. Everyone is like, “Where did you go? You did not even say goodbye.” I was like, “I was over it and I could not be there second longer.”

That is great body awareness. Most projectors do not have that body awareness. What happens is they get stuck in that room with the light switch on. They do not know how to turn it off and they are stuck there being conditioned.

In my twenties, I would drink alcohol. I would start to lose that and I would be like, “Drink more. Do more cocaine,” or whatever it was to be able to sustain that. That affected my health and a lot of the health struggles that I had was this forcing myself to be something I was not. I have a question for you. I remember I spoke with Jes Fields. She looked at my chart briefly once. It was over an Instagram DM, and she mentioned that I was an energy projector. Do you have any insight into that? I remember her saying that and I do not know why. I have thought about it since and I do not know enough about human designed to know.

Energy projectors are projectors with either a defined heart or defined spleen because those are two motor centers in the body. Energy projectors have more energy than traditional projectors. You do have the energy to get things done, but not as much as a generator. Energy projectors are simply a projector with a defined motor that is not the sacral.

She said, “You are going to have windows where you are going to be able to function as a generator, but you have to be careful.” I get that because I can crush stuff. I can get work done. If I am in that flow, I go nuts, but then I have to walk away and then rest.

I used you as an example in my HD Your Biz teaching. Not your charter or anything, but talking about how you are a projector and you and your downtime go like, “Backcountry skiing and do all these extreme sports.” Everyone thinks that because you are a projector, when you are resting, you are supposed to be eating Bonbons on the couch. It is like, “No, you are supposed to be pursuing the other things that you are passionate about.”

That is knowing you are an energy projector that makes total sense because you are like, “I am going to go do this extreme thing and play around with my alertness to fear, being a vital human being, and making the most of this experience as a human.” It is that energy projector-ness, you are going to have more energy than other projectors to go do those things.

Knowing my chart, what is the ideal business model for me if you had to create it based on my chart?

You are absolutely at start-stop. Having programs that have a definitive start and a definitive stop are great for you. Knowing you are a single definition, you move fast and you do not want to be slowed down. Having places in time where you have space is important for you. Working for twelve weeks at a time, being able to take a month off, and then doing another big push where you work for 12 to 16 weeks at a time. Alternatively, another good option is where you can go deep with people over time, but you do not have to show up every single week.

TWCK 123 | Human Design
Human Design: You have to give up control a little bit and really step back from these layers of conditioning, which is not always the easiest thing.


For projectors and in particular, people who are 2/5, you have a defined spleen. If people are reading and they are like, “I am a projector, I should be doing this.” Kendra has a defined spleen and a single definition. For her to come in, do something for a period of time, and then be able to have lots of rest because she has so much undefineness in her chart is great for her.

You can dispel all the energy from everybody else, and then you can gear up to do it again. Alternatively, having it where you can work in bursts where you are like, “One week on, one week off,” because projectors are here to get deep with people. They see people at their core. Some people will say a projector should be doing one-on-one work.

I have heard that. It is good to know you say that. I feel like I die a slow death in one-on-one and it is not to say that I have any resentment towards the one-on-one clients I have had in the past, but it feels like this weird slow death.

For my interpretation of how I apply human design to business, I do not believe projectors are here to do one-on-one work. They can do one-on-one calls, but it should not be their primary business model, by any means. Especially 2/5 projectors do much better when they can be on Voxer, doing their own thing, whatever they want to do, rather than being sitting on a Zoom call, to me, is not a good use of a projector’s time because their energy is potent. People do not need an hour of a projector’s time. They need a quality fifteen minutes to laser focus and go deep.

I love what you said about this one-week on, one-week off. Something sparked in me. I am like, “I like that.” It is interesting because when I used to work in forestry, I would work seasonally and I loved it because it was like, “Now, it is time to work.” I work my ass off to get all this time off. I would work six months off and take six months off. That worked for me.

It would not work for me now, but it is interesting how I worked with the weather a little bit because I ski and I like to do these sports. In the winter, it is snowing and I am skiing. The weekend when it is not snowing, it is the week I will hammer in the work. I love working hard to take a long period of time off. Now, I am like, “How can I work my schedule to do one week on, one week off? I love that. That sounds amazing. “

Personally, I am a 3/5 projector and I have my three programs. I am doing it where I am four weeks on and then every fifth week is integration week. Everyone in my programs is doing this. It is integration week, no calls, no nothing, just a whole week off, and it is literally every four weeks. The goal is to get to every other week. For me, it is a process. I am not as quick as you. You are like, “We are doing this tomorrow.”

It is interesting that you say that too because it is something I have been focusing on leadership and team building, which is a huge journey in entrepreneurship is figuring that out. I get these ideas where I am like, “We implement tomorrow,” and that is fine when it is me, but when I have a team of people, I have to take a step back and be like, “I can’t keep dumping things on these people and then wonder why everything feels disorganized.”

That is knowing how much undefinedness you have in your chart. You are going to struggle with that because as a single definition, you are like, “I made my decision. Let’s go.” Whereas I am a triple spleen so I have to process through three different voices in my chart. Generators do not move fast. They are very methodical and very great at finishing things, but they take their time and they want to do it on their own terms. Knowing you have to almost give up control a little bit and step back from these layers of conditioning is not always the easiest thing to do.

That relinquishing of control has been quite the process and journey. It is not even something I was fully aware that I was doing, like controlling and micromanaging. It is tough for any entrepreneur to relinquish control of their business, but it is so important if you want to grow.

It is a balance. Projectors are here to guide, so you almost have to take a step back and put on your guiding hat to say, “I am going to come here and be the guide. I am going to guide my team. I am going to put my hat on. They have invited me into their world and roll with that.” You also have gate 44, which is 1/2 of the gate of the salesperson, which is all about doing things in the most efficient way with the least amount of effort possible, which also this very quick, “Let’s get a move on,” energy.

You have got gate 54, which is all about this idea of understanding what the true value is for what you are paying for too. It does not surprise me that you feel a lot of that pressure to move and go and go fast. It is that balance of getting the support you need as a projector because you are literally not supposed to be here to be in the doing.

There is definitely a balance. I feel like I could talk about this for hours. It is so interesting. Everyone loves personality tests. You get to learn about yourself because I do think a lot of what our journey here on Earth is to understand ourselves, learn what our purpose is, and what we are supposed to do while we are here. Human design is an interesting way of doing that. If the audience is interested in working with you and learning more about the work that you do, how can they connect with you?

You can head on over to my website, everything is linked there. I do readings and snapshots. I have got a couple of courses and a human design certification program. There are a lot of options if you want to dig deeper with your design, but it is all there. I also have a blog and I relaunched my podcast, which is all human design-centric. There is a lot of information if you have got it in your chart.

This is often what happens, people get their chart and they are like, “I do not know how to read this. None of it makes any sense,” because they do not give you any information if you go to, but if you go to my website, I do have a Human Design Made Simple, a 40-page eBook that explains all the types, profiles, and authority. It will give you this baseline of understanding. If you opt to dig deeper and stuff, there are plenty of options there and it is

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Do not try to implement all the human design things at one time. Get to know your type and dance with your strategy, whatever your strategy is for your type, then dive into your profile and authority. Do it piece by piece because the depth of this work is very deep if you want to go deep. You do not have to, but the deeper you go, the better understanding that you are going to have around who you are. Try to take it piece by piece. People try to dive into the deep pool of human design and they end up in this place where they are like, “I am completely overwhelmed and this does not work for me.” Let’s slowly peel back the layers.

I love how deep you can go with it. You gave me some pieces that I am going to go obsessively research after this. I am like, “I have got to look into that.” Thank you so much, Jamie. I appreciate your time. This was very enlightening and it is super-valuable to the readers. Thank you everyone for reading. I will see you next time. Same place, same time where I help you become a wealthy AF.


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