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You’re Making Things WAY Too Complicated

TWCK 129 | Power Of One

In life, more is more. But when you want to get more out of your business, you need to focus. And to keep you in line with the correct program, acknowledging your capabilities and strength is key. In this episode of The Wealthy Coach, Kendra Perry highlights the difference between Health Coach Accelerator and Group Program Academy. And she further breaks down the qualifications or items you need to identify which program will serve your business best. She also shares future plans to streamline the programs to better set you up for success! So keep it simple and focus on the power of one!

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You’re Making Things WAY Too Complicated

I am excited to be here with you to help you blow up that dream health and wellness business of yours. I don’t know why I’m talking like that. I’m a bit of a weirdo. I’m going to talk about something that is going to help you. This is something that I wish I had known when I was starting out and I am doing now to create a lot more income, revenue, and time in my business. This episode was inspired by this continuous conversation that I seem to be having over the past few months.

If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you’ll know that I have two programs. I have Health Coach Accelerator, and I have Group Program Academy. Health Coach Accelerator is very much the foundational program that helps coaches get started. We talk about business systems. We help you get your automation set up, niching, and messaging. We build out your program. We teach you to market it and sell it online, and all of those things.

The Group Program Academy is for those people who want to turn their one-on-one program into a group coaching program. The two things are run differently, and you need different assets in place for each one. I believe the path that most people should take in their business that I have seen the most success from is to start with one-on-one coaching and launch a group program.

Why do I believe in this? When you have a group coaching program, or if you want to launch a group coaching program, you need to have an audience, you need to have an email list, and you need to have a decent amount of people on that email list. You need a constant incoming source of traffic, much more than if you were to sell one on one.

With one on one, you’re only looking at having to sell one person versus a group. Maybe you need to sell 5, 10, 15, 20, or more people. With a group program, you’re going to want to have at least 250 people on your email list. You’re going to want to have a social media following and that email list to be continually growing. That is something you can aspire to. Most people who are starting out don’t have an email list and social media following, but they also need to make money. It will take a lot of time for you to grow your audience and build relationships with your audience so that you are in a place to be able to launch a group program.

Launching a group program is a lot of work in itself. You need sales emails and a sales framework. You need to know copywriting. You might need a webinar. You need a sales page, all of these things where a one-on-one program like you don’t need any of those things. Coaches will be served best in their business if they start out one-on-one, work hard to build their audience and email list, and convert that one-on-one program into a group coaching program. This was a huge mistake that I made. I went for the group right off the bat without having the experience, without knowing my audience, without even having an audience, and ultimately, that program flopped.

The difference between Health Coach Accelerator and Group Program Academy is obvious. Start with the foundational and launch the group. Start with HCA and then go to Group Program Academy. Unfortunately, the difference is not obvious to everyone else as much as I think it is, even as much as I harp on about it all day long. I’m always harping on about that. I’m saying this stuff all day long, “How is this not obvious?” The truth is, it’s not. It is not obvious to my audience.

This is a conversation that I’ve had a lot over the past few months. People come to me, and they ask me, “What’s the difference between Health Coach Accelerator and Group Program Academy?” I tell them, and they say, “I want a group program.” I go take a look at their social media. I look at their website, and I realize that they don’t have an audience. They don’t have a message. They don’t know how to communicate what they do. They don’t have a niche.

I know that they’re not going to be successful in Group Program Academy because, in Group Program Academy, I don’t teach you how to build an audience. I don’t teach you how to build your social media. I assume that you already have those things in place, and you’re making that natural next step to converting what you already have into a group coaching program.

People don’t get this. They’ll come to me and say, “I want a group program.” I’m like, “Start with Health Coach Accelerator and then do Group Program Academy.” They’re like, “I just want a group program.” I’m like, “You don’t have any of the foundations in place. You’re not going to be successful in launching a group.” The amount of times I’ve had this conversation has been eye-opening for me. What it’s made me realize is that people don’t understand the difference. As much as I tell them, “You’re getting ahead of yourself,” people don’t want to listen. I get that. You want to do what you want to do.

The problem I’ve been having is I have these conversations with people. They don’t listen. They go into Group Program Academy. They get upset because they’re not able to launch a group program. People don’t sign up. I tell them, and they know that. They’re like, “I know you told me this, but I did it anyway, and now I’m not getting results.”

What I’ve realized is how confusing it is for people to differentiate between two programs when they don’t have the education or background that you do. I have all this business experience. I’ve been doing this for several years. I understand that path. To anyone else, who’s in the same situation as I am, they’ll understand that path too, but you, the new coach practitioner, who’s starting out, don’t have that experience. You don’t know the difference. It makes sense.


TWCK 129 | Power Of One
Power Of One: Simplicity is important in business because when things aren’t simple, it creates more work for you and confuses your audience.


I’ve been getting sick of having this conversation and what I’ve been thinking is, “How can I simplify this and make it easier, so the path is already set for them?” They don’t have to choose between two programs. I don’t have to qualify them and try to convince them to go into Health Coach Accelerator. They naturally already go into Health Coach Accelerator.

This is what’s going to be happening over the next couple of months. Group Program Academy is going to be retired. That program is going to go away. You still do have the chance to get it until August 2022. If you are someone who already has the foundations in place in your business, you have an audience, you’ve been growing your email list, and you want to take that next step to turn your one-on-one into a group coaching program, I will link to Group Program Academy. It is on promo until the end of August 2022. You can grab that before it goes away.

What’s going to happen is Group Program Academy is going to get absorbed into Health Coach Accelerator. I’m going to shift the focus of Health Coach Accelerator from doing a one-on-one program to doing high tickets. You’re going to have two different paths. You’re going to come into Health Coach Accelerator. For those people who are happy doing one-on-one, they’ll follow that path. People who want to do a group will follow the other path. This is going to be available sometime in September 2022.

Even if you buy Health Coach Accelerator now, that’s all good because you will get grandfathered into the update. On top of that, you won’t be ready un until the fall of 2022 to launch your group program anyways because we’re going to get the foundations in place first before you launch the group. That is something that I’m doing.

The point of me telling you all of this is because I’m trying to make a point about something. Simplicity is important in business and not only for you. When things aren’t simple, it creates more work for you, but also it confuses your audience. I want to get you focused on a concept that I call the power of one. We often make things way more complicated than we need to be. We try to talk to multiple people in different stages of their journey.

In my situation, I’m trying to talk to people who are at the beginning versus people who are later on. People who are starting. Maybe they’re graduating from their college, their degree, or their certification program, and people who are further along, maybe 2 to 3 years in their business. We often want to offer them different options, programs, and tiers, thinking that more choice means that there’s going to be something for everyone, and it’s going to help us make more sales. We end up showing up on multiple social media platforms. What is the result of this? The biggest result is that your audience is confused.

I spend a lot of time telling people about the path that I’ve seen be the most successful in order to get to a group coaching program. This is not something that I’ve talked about once. I talk about this every week. I talk about this all the time. I have conversations with people about this all the time. Regardless, my audience is still confused, and they don’t understand the difference between HCA and GPA, even when I explain it to them up front.

It’s the same thing goes for your audience. When you’re giving them multiple options and tiers, they don’t understand the difference, no matter how much you tell them, because they don’t have the education and experience that you do. Not only do you confuse your audience, but you create a ton of extra work for yourself.

I have Health Coach Accelerator and Group Program Academy. They each have two different webinars, email sequences, sales funnels, courses that I have to update, and sets of students. It creates way more work for me. When you have multiple tiers, you need 2 or 3 different sales processes. If you have a low ticket or a high ticket offer, it takes the same amount of work to sell each of them. Your time is split. You’re creating more work for yourself, and you’re complicating things. You’re making them way more complicated than they need to be.

If you have multiple niches and multiple ideal clients, you need a different way to communicate with each of them. I need a different way to communicate with people who are brand new versus people who are further along in their business because they have different experiences and different pain points. It also means that some of your content needs to be for one person, and some of it needs to be for another. It dilutes your message. It confuses your audience because, in the end, they don’t understand what you do.

The number of times that I have told people or people have come up to me and said, “I don’t understand the difference. Which one is best for me?” Even though I’ve laid it out as clearly as I possibly can everywhere, it has shown me that it almost doesn’t matter because if they don’t have the experience, they’re not going to get it.

You may be offering multiple tiers and multiple programs. The difference seems obvious to you, but it’s not to your audience. A good example is when I was a functional health coach, and I was running labs, I had three options. In option 1, they ran 1 lab, in option 2, they ran 2 or 3 labs, and in option 5, they ran all 5 labs that I offered.


TWCK 129 | Power Of One
Power Of One: The fewer offers you have, the more obvious it is for your audience what you do and how you can help them.


I clearly could understand the difference between them because I knew that running all five labs was going to be way more beneficial because we were going to get more information. We were more likely to find the root cause of the person’s fatigue, but they didn’t understand the difference. They don’t know why a hormone panel is less beneficial than a gut panel or why a nutritional panel is superior to blood chemistry. I’m using random examples. I’m not saying I necessarily believe that’s true, but they don’t get it.

What I noticed when I was a functional health coach was that everyone wanted to go for the hormone panel. They wanted the DUTCH test. They’re like, “I want to see what my hormones are doing.” What I knew about hormone testing is it was pretty superficial. It gave you more questions than it gave answers. What I wanted people to do were Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and gut testing but everyone, for some reason, felt like they wanted to do a hormone panel.

I would let them get the hormone panel only. I wouldn’t have the amount of information I needed to help them get the result because they didn’t know. They were ignorant. They weren’t educated. They didn’t understand lab tests. They didn’t understand that hormones are a presentation of the poor gut, detox, minerals, and all of those things. They didn’t know that.

When you offer multiple options, multiple tiers, and multiple programs, they don’t get it, and they don’t know how to make the best decision for them, but you do. This is your craft. This is what you’ve trained in. When we think about the power of one, and when we apply it to our business, it applies to your program, too. The fewer offers you have, the more obvious it is for your audience what you do and how you help people, and there’s way less work for you.

This is why I’m combining my two programs. I’m whittling down everything. I used to have a ton of offers. I used to have a ton of mini-courses. Health Coach Accelerator, Group Program Academy, and all of these things are going to be one. I’m going to have 1 program and 1 mini-course, which will be my niche workshop. That’s all I’m going to offer.

This is true even at higher levels of business. For most people, the reason they get the six figures is that they’re all focused on one program. I’ve noticed this in my mastermind. I’m in a mastermind program, and there are seven-figure entrepreneurs in that program. They are still simplifying. These huge business owners have 1 avatar and 1 offer, and they’re going in on 1 social media platform.

When it comes to social media, I encourage you not to try to show up on every single platform. You only need one engagement platform. This is a platform that allows you to engage with your audiences. This might be something like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even TikTok, and you have one evergreen platform. This is the platform that you simply use to repurpose your content. The truth is the shelf life for Instagram content, for example, is probably only 24 to 48 hours. People aren’t going to find your content beyond that. People don’t scroll down your Instagram feed and go read your old posts. You put a ton of effort into your content. It takes a lot of work.

You want to put it somewhere where it can continue to live on. On YouTube, people can find your videos forever. I have people find me through YouTube videos that I did years ago. If you’re doing video content, you can repurpose that to YouTube. A lot of your static posts can easily be repurposed to Pinterest, which is a search engine. Those posts can continue to work for you for years. You can repurpose video content onto a podcast by pulling the audio from it. You can have your social media content repurposed onto a blog. You should only be making content for one platform and then be repurposed to the rest.

This is some of the most powerful advice that I’ve learned so far in 2022, and that is simplicity, scales, the simpler. We can make our offerings, our avatar, our niche, and our social media the easier it is for our audience to understand and the less work it makes for us. When we focus on 1 niche, 1 ideal client, or 1 offer, we go all-in on one social media platform, not only can we make more money and more impact, but we also create a whole lot less work for ourselves.

If you’re happy working 50 plus hours a week in your business, by all means, add in multiple niches, products, and platforms. If you want to make good money while working less than 30 hours a week, you can’t get there with a complicated business model. For each program or tier you add, you create more work for yourself. For each social media platform that you create content for you, you create more work for yourself. For each niche you add, for each ideal client you add, you need a different message or way to talk to them. Overall, it dilutes your message. It means that you have less power on social media and less power to bring people into your program.

It’s a powerful message. Imagine it was simple. What if it were simple and all you had to do was focus on one thing? Follow the power of one, and you will see more revenue in your business. You will feel less overwhelmed because your time will be focused on one thing, and it will be spread less then. That’s everything I have for you for this episode. I hope you loved it. Feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram if you want to chat. My handle is @KendraPerryInc.


TWCK 129 | Power Of One
Power Of One: Simplicity scales. The simpler we can make our offerings, avatar, niche, and social media, the easier it is for our audience to understand.


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