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How Angela Grew to 250K in Less Than 3-years [Real Journey Series]

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business

You might remember Angela Brown from a few episodes back where she talked about finding her niche in the health coaching space. Now she’s back to share valuable lessons about growing your business!

Join Kendra Perry as she listens to Angela, who opens up about growing her own business to 250K in less than three years! In this highly informative conversation, discover why it’s important to tell personal stories and build long-lasting relationships with your clients. Find out why you need to hire a talented team to avoid dealing with everything alone. Building your business is a journey, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Learn from Angela’s experience in this episode and start your own journey today!


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How Angela Grew to 250K in Less Than 3-years [Real Journey Series]

We’re switching gears for this episode. This will be the first episode in my new series called The Real Journey Series. I think there are a lot of misconceptions of what the journey to six figures actually looks like in a wellness business. It looks a little bit different for all people, but I think it’s really easy to look at someone who’s successful and forget the struggle that they had to go through in order to get there.

What I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be interviewing past students, people who are about a year or so, it could be a year or two years, outside of working with me. Really going over what their journey looked like after executing what I taught them, what it looked like in practice, in the real world, and then where they are now. We are going to be hanging out with FDN or Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Angela Brown.

Angela has actually been on the show before, and talked about the success of her first group coaching program. I wanted to reconnect with her because she has had a lot of success, and I want you to understand what the journey looks like for her because it might be a little bit what it looks like for you. I started working with Angela in early 2020. I believe it was about February 1st 2020, definitely a crazy time to start your business for the first time. When Angela came to me, she’s probably making maybe $2,000 a month in her business. She was frustrated, wasn’t making the money that she wanted to be making, and she was working all the time.

Angela was definitely an ideal client. She’s one of those clients who is a total joy to work with. She literally just came in and said, “I’ll do whatever you say.” Most coaches want that. She was very good in executing everything. She started with me in February 1st 2020. About May or June of 2020, she actually had her first $10,000 month. That is what is possible. Is that typical? No. I would say that’s pretty fast. What really sets Angela apart is that she was incredibly motivated and she was willing to do whatever it took. She was an action-taker. That’s what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Fast forward a year later in June 2021, she messaged me in Instagram and said, “Kendra, I just had a $50,000 month.” I was like, “Wow, girl. That’s crazy.” Fast forward to the end of 2022, she did $250,000. In just under three years, she grew from a business that generated about $25,000 a year, to $250,000. I believe that’s 10x her income in the last three years. Was it easy for her? Absolutely not.

You’re going to learn more about that as we get into this episode. There were a lot of ups and downs, and there were a lot of times where she didn’t think she could do it. There was still struggle. I think it’s important to understand that the struggle is actually a part of the journey. There is no successful coach, expert, or entrepreneur out there who doesn’t have struggle. You have to struggle. It’s part of it. It’s a part of working towards the reward which is having a business like Angela’s where she’s generating $250,000 in a year, taking lots of vacations and working less than she did when she was making $25,000 a year. I am excited to welcome Angela back to the show, and have a chat with her. I know you’re going to love this episode. Let’s not waste any more time, and let’s dive in.

Angela, welcome back to the show.

Kendra, how are you?

I’m good and very excited to talk to you because you were on the show a couple of years ago. Do you remember?

Yes, I do remember.

I remember that was probably right after you launched the group program that we worked together to help you launch. Why don’t you start by telling the readers a little bit about who you are, who you help, and what you do as a coach?

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. I started doing this several years ago. When I first was doing it, I literally had no clue what I was doing. I was all over the place with, “I’m going to help every single person on earth,” with no niche or anything. When I started working with you, you were like, “You need a niche down.” I niched down to I’m helping women with hypothyroidism because I have it myself. It was a great niche for me because I have been through the journey. It was cool for me to start focusing on women with hypothyroidism and thyroid disease in general.

It’s been such a fun journey to be able to share my own journey with them and give my own input about my personal journey and experience with it. That’s pretty much all I do now. I have a Physical Therapy degree and a license. I have a Personal Training Certification. I was still dabbling a little bit with that. When I got into FDN in 2022, I quit doing all of that. I only do my health coaching practice now and it has been incredible to be able to focus on this now.

I love that so much. For some context, we knew each other through the FDN community and you came into my 360 Health Biz Mastermind that we ran in 2020, which was a weird year to start a business. There were a lot of things going on in the world. I remember you came into the program. Tell the audience a little bit about what was going on with you and your business when you came into the mastermind.

As I had mentioned, I had no niche. I was all over the place. I was doing one-off sessions. I had no program and no organization at all. It was like, “Sure, I’ll help you.” It didn’t matter what age or demographic. It didn’t matter what you had going on. I was going to try to help everyone. First of all, I did not have very many new clients coming in because there was no consistency with what I was focusing on. I wasn’t consistent doing much on social media at all. I had no email and website. nothing. I didn’t have anything going on when I came to you.

I remember the first thing you told me, “Who are you helping?” I was like, “Everyone.” You were like, “Let’s talk about that.” That was like one of the first things we did was, “It’s time to niche down.” It was crazy because when we started talking about it, I remember you telling me, “You have hypothyroidism. Why aren’t you doing that? Why aren’t you helping women with hypothyroidism? That’s what you’ve gone through.”

It was like this light bulb went off, “Why am I not doing that?” What helped me hone in on my niche was you talking to me through that. I was like, “You’re right. This is my thing. I know so much about it.” It was pretty cool to shift that because I felt almost this relief, “Okay. I don’t feel like I’m all over the place and I have a focus now.”

You were talking about all the things.

I still remember the call with you and you were like, “Yes. Let’s talk about that.”

When you made that shift towards talking about Hashimotos, thyroid, and stuff like that, did you notice a shift in what was happening on social media or in getting clients? Did it become easier?

Yes, which was so crazy because it’s like you’re putting it out in the universe. I started attracting soulmate clients, the people that needed my help because I had this focus on Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. It did become so much easier. The other part that made it easier was my messaging. Again, my messaging was all over the place because I had no niche. When I started doing that, it literally made life so much simpler and easier. I had a focus and clients come in so much easier when I have this niche and my messaging was around that then.

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: If your business doesn’t have a niche, your messaging will just be all over the place. Your life will be so much easier if you have one focus, and clients will come much easier as well.


It’s amazing. I remember it happened quite quickly to you. Something you have been going for you is you’re such an action taker, which is the most important quality in running a business. You have to take action and you’ve always been willing to do things. I remember when you started working with me, you were doing a lot of single lab sessions. Is that correct?

Yes. That’s pretty much all I was doing. I had no program or package. It was all one session. “Let’s do this test. We’re going to go over this. See you.” That’s all I was doing. That was the next thing and you were like, “We need to talk about that now.”

Is it called the Sexy Hashimotos Solution?

It’s the Sexy Thyroid Solution.

Talk to me a little bit about what it was like building that program and then the type of impact that it had working with clients.

That was super cool and fun for me. I was nervous niching down. I’m not sure why I was. I’m like, “What about this and that?” When I started focusing on that and you helped me come up with the name. That you also helped me come up with a name. I remember when I started designing what do I want in this type of program, what do I want my message to meet, and how do I want to help these women. I was thinking to myself, “What would I have wanted on my thyroid journey because I went through years of battle?” I was ignored and felt miserable. I started piecing it together like that and having that focus or a niche made it so much easier to start designing this program.

Also, I had not just focused on the steps that I wanted to take with them. It became such an easy process for me when I started looking at, “What areas do I want to look at with these women? What do I want to help them with?” It wasn’t like, “We’re going to help you with your thyroid markers on your blood test.” It was the full body. When I started focusing on that and how I wanted to help them, it became so much easier to make this program. Once I created the program and started getting enrollments and coming in, it took off. When it took off, I was like, “Wow. This really does work.” Having a program and having it set up this way instead of one task, we’ll see you, piece out, and you’re done. I started getting more results.

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: Having a program with your clients is much better than having just one test because you have follow-up.


I started noticing clients were getting better and faster. They were noticing big changes. A, because I had follow-up because they were in a program with me, so I could talk to them again, but B, we were doing full body stuff. I saw many more changes with clients and their health in a much easier way, and I was much happier because I had it set up in such a way that it wasn’t just a one-off test like, “Here you go and that’s it.” It was a whole package deal and they loved that part of it.

I love that you spoke that not only did it help you in your business, but it helped your clients get results. That’s what we’re here for. Through that first year that we worked together, when we were starting to dial in your niche and program, what would you say were some of the most powerful things that helped you see it through and keep going?

One of the big things and you were good with talking me through this too, is being consistent and showing up. Whenever I would do like a social media post, for example, I was all about education. I remember you talking to me like, “People don’t just want to know education. They can Google that. They want to know personal things, your own journey, how you fought through hypothyroidism, and the things you did for your own body and more personal journey stories so that they can relate.”

I remember being nervous about sharing my own journey. I’m like, “Nobody cares about that.” When I first started doing it, that was some of the most popular posts on social media that I ever had. It was my own stories, journey, and what I went through because they could all relate. It wasn’t just, “Do I educate still?” Yes, but it was showing that consistency of showing up and being there, but sharing my own story so that they could see like, “This isn’t about X, Y, and Z with your thyroid. There’s personalization to it.”

You helped me walk through that because there were numerous times I was like, “I don’t want to share this. Are you kidding me? Do I want to share this?” You’re like, “No, they need to hear that because they have it too.” The other part of it that helped me when we were working through all this stuff and I still can remember the conversation pretty well, too, was, “Nobody gives a crap about your website.” I’m a type A perfectionist. I had to have all the things and everything had to be done. I was doing so much work on my website and you’re like, “No one gives a crap about your website. No one cares about it. Is it nice to have it? Yes, but you need to be there. You need to show up and talk to your ideal clients and talk to them in DMs and be there for them,” that’s your emphasis.

Whatever happens on your website is your website, it’s no big deal. Do I have a bigger website now? Yes, but in the beginning, it’s not necessary. Honestly, when I was first booking sales calls and stuff, I never referred to my website. Nobody gave a crap about it. They didn’t care. I had to put the emphasis on, “I need to be there. How can I be of service?” versus, “I need to have a blog and a website. I need to have that.”

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: You don’t need to have a full-on massive fancy website to make your business work. Nobody cares about it. You just need to always be of service to your clients.


Honestly, I don’t think too many people care about it now. It’s something I can refer to if I’m like, “Here are my services. They can go to that. I have a blog post on this. They can go to that.” In all reality, you don’t have to have a full-on massive and fancy website in order to make it work. When you told me that and I stepped back from that, I was like, “You’re right. I’m putting so much emphasis on this. I’m not being there for the clients and potential clients. I’m not being of service because I’m focused on this website.”

It’s amazing. I’m looking at your Instagram. You had maybe less than 1,000 followers when you came into the program.

I don’t think I had 500.

Now, you have over 9,000 followers. That’s a lot of growth. It takes a lot to grow that much. It’s been a few years. That’s amazing. It goes to show how important it is to share your journey and share that more connection-based content and less of the like, “How to do this? How to do that? How to do this thing?”

You’re going to laugh at this one too. I had a couple of reels that went viral. I had one reel that went viral and it’s at 402,000 and it was about constipation that I went through when I was going through hypothyroid. I had a bowel obstruction and ended up in the ER. It was so random and it went viral because people can relate to stuff like that. I’m like, “I need to keep sharing my story, my journey, and that it happens and things like that.” The education is great. We need it, but I was so focused on every single post that had to be education and started noticing I can google some of this stuff, so they can look some of this up or whatever, but they need to be felt, seen, and heard is what I always say. That is a huge thing.

I say that all the time. We’re so aligned. It’s so good. Last June 2021, you sent me a DM and said, “Kendra, I had a $50,000 month.” I was like, “What? I didn’t even have a 50,000 month.” I loved it. That was a couple of months after we finished working together. I’m curious what do you think helped you get there?

First of all, it’s having the niche, the structure, and a program. That month I had gotten quite a bit of referral from past clients. My program was six months long, so I had some that were getting close to graduating and then they were like, “My friend or my XYZ, whatever person is interested,” and all of a sudden, I had this swarm of them coming in. I had a bunch of referrals that month. Having the structure and things so simplified and laid out for them, and constantly being consistent on social media, especially on Instagram in the DMs. There were days when I’m like, “I don’t feel like going on social media.” I was like, “Do it anyway.” I kept doing that, so that was a huge part.

That whole year, I was being way more consistent in showing up there, but the big thing was having the structure in the program because that helped me. I got so much feedback that people were like, “I’m going to refer someone to you because this is cool.” It’s not just going to the doctor like here are your test results. Take a pill. We’ll see you in six months. It’s not like that with you.” They loved that part of it, that it was so niched down and that it was an actual program. I had one-on-one time with you and had coaching with me constantly.

You were still primarily making money from a one-on-one program back then, correct?


It’s amazing because everyone is like, “Scale.” There’s a time and a place for that and that’s great, but it goes to show that you could have $50,000 months working with one-on-one clients. I don’t think you were probably overworking yourself.

No. That was June, so in July, all of a sudden, I had a bazillion test results coming at the same time. It did get a little overwhelming, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. It wasn’t that I was like, “I got to put these clients a month away to get them in. Nothing like that.” It was scalable still. It was still workable, but that was an amazing month. I’ve had a couple more months like that. That added up, and that was why I like, “I need to hire help.”

You told me that you’ve hired some team members. Can you tell me more about that?

Last 2022, I hired a virtual assistant. Again, I’m a Type A perfectionist. I was very resistant with, “I’m not hiring help. I got this. No one’s going to do it like me, ” attitude. I’m like, “That’s probably not the best attitude to have in business. I felt I did need help because I was getting so many DMs to set up calls and I’m like, “I don’t know if I can keep handling all this the way that it is.” I hired a VA and that was amazing because I did need help with all the little stuff that was taking so much energy from me that I didn’t mind doing it, but at the same time, I’m like, “That’s a lot of energy it’s taking from me and I can’t be there for my clients because I’m using that energy for X, Y, and Z,” that I’m like, “A VA could do this.”

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: Don’t have the mindset of “I don’t need to hire help because no one’s going to do it like me.” Hire help so you can focus all your energy on your clients.


That was a huge thing for me to hire someone to take over some things for me. About July 2022, I was like, “I need to start hiring some help for a support coach inside the program. Not to do test reviews or anything like that, but inside my Facebook group and doing the check-in calls, and things like that. It kept adding up. There were more clients coming in. I’m like, “I’m getting a lot of clients here. I need a little extra help here. Particularly for those check-ins, so I hired someone for that.” That’s been nice.

It was hard for me to do that. I had to seriously take a step back and be like, “It’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s totally okay.” It’s been good. It took a lot off my plate. 2022 was the biggest year I ever had in my business. It was probably the most relaxed I had been. It’s weird to say, but I took more vacations in 2022 than I’ve ever taken since I started being self-employed. My husband and I both were like, “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” It was nice and I never had to worry because I’m like, “I have a VA and a support coach. I have help. It’s okay. You need to take time off.” It rejuvenated me, so it was awesome. It’s been nice having that.

Do you mind sharing how much you made in 2022 in your business?

It was $250,000.

That’s awesome. That’s pretty amazing. When you came into the program in 2020, what was probably your annual revenue from coaching then?

I looked at that in 2022 out of curiosity because I was like, “How much was I making?” I didn’t even think it was $30,000. It was probably a little under that because, at that time, I was also doing personal training. I’ve quit doing that. It was probably $25,000 or $28,000, maybe. It was crazy and I was working harder, which is so weird to think about. I’m like, “I was working a lot more hours, working harder, and not getting results.” I felt like I wasn’t helping very many people. I wasn’t taking vacations and much time off, and that’s all I was making. It’s a big change. I knew it was time to change because I was like, “This is a lot of work and I’m not getting squat here and helping many people. I want to help more people, but how do I do this?”

It’s so amazing because it’s been a few years and for a lot of our readers who are probably in their first year in business, a few years can seem like a long time, but it’s not.

No. That’s so funny you brought that up because I had two clients enrolled on December 31st, 2022. I’m like, “My numbers jumped up even more.” I remember texting my husband, “I enrolled two more women in my full program.” He’s like, “Good grief, you’ve had an amazing year. I’m so proud of you. It’s time to celebrate.” He had an amazing career and I’m like, “You do, too.” He goes, “You did yours in a few years. It took me several years to build my business.” I’m like, “I guess I have.” I don’t look at it like that. I can’t emphasize like having structure and consistency is so important.

It’s so important. It’s pretty amazing because even if it took you a couple of years to get to where you are, to me, that’s still a short amount of time. You’re making multiple six figures, taking vacations, working less, and doing something that’s super fulfilling. People don’t even ever make that amount of money in their regular job that they did a $40,000 education for and then climbed the corporate ladder for twenty years.

I have a Physical Therapy degree. The last physical therapy job has been a long time since I was doing it. I was maybe making $45,000 a year. If I was doing it now, it wouldn’t be much more than that. Working longer hours and things like that, I would not be making what I’m making now as a health coach, not even close. Again, that was five years of education, dealing with all the insurance and all that stuff, and I’m like, “I can’t do that anymore. I’m not even enjoying this.”

Truthfully, people are always looking for these fancy strategies. I have heard you say throughout our chat that you built relationships with your followers, shared your story, allowed them to connect with you, and were consistent. It’s not rocket science.

When you think about it, it really isn’t, but it’s all stuff that I was stubborn about and I don’t know why. I had a little fear like, “I don’t want to give away too much because then they’re not going to need me.” That isn’t true. The more that you’re there for them and of service and giving little tips and things like that, that’s encouraging them because they’re getting to know you.

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: When running a business, you can never give away too much. The more you’re present for your clients and giving them little tips, the more they can get to know you.


A lot of the clients that enroll with me, that’s what they tell me. They’re like, “I love that you’re so open and willing to help women, give them pointers and tips, and be there for them.” Again, I’m constantly in the DMs. They’re like, “That’s huge. I want to go with you because you’re so personable and you’re not scared to share your own journey and help us no matter what.”

Before we hopped on this interview, I did an interview about DM engagement because it’s a big part of what I teach to my students. It helps you get traction because there’s nothing that can replace a real human conversation, even if you post all day, every day, it’s not the same thing.

It’s huge. That’s what the feedback I get too. It’s funny. I had someone message me back and they’re like, “You sent me a dm. That’s amazing. That’s cool. No one’s ever sent me a DM in here or anything like that to see how I was.” They love that. It’s a human connection and they need that, especially women dealing with thyroid issues, they need connection. I always think about what I have wanted. I was struggling. I had no one who would listen to me. Everyone said I was crazy. No one could relate to me. I had no one to talk to. I’m like, “I would’ve wanted that.” I always put them in my shoes, “What would I want?” That’s huge for them.

You also told me that you launched a course.

This was, again, feedback from so many people that follow me, people on my email list, and even some clients you know that work with me one-on-one. They’re like, “You should have a course that’s education. There’s no one-on-one. It’s a straight-up thyroid education course. Particularly, for newer people, who don’t know where to start, are a little scared to do one-on-one, don’t necessarily want to do the testing yet, and things like that.”

That’s why I designed the course around that. It’s called a Holistic Thyroid Solution and it’s everything you could possibly do education-wise to improve the health of your thyroid outside of having one-on-one help and testing and things like that. It’s going well. People are liking it because they’re like, “It’s nice to have everything in one spot versus I’m going to go on Google and look at this stuff and I’m going to go here and look at this stuff. It’s concise and structured. I know exactly what to do instead of maybe I should try this or maybe I should try that.” You’re guessing.

I set it up in such a way that if people enroll in the course and they’re like, “I want to do one-on-one with you, I do want to go further into your Sexy Thyroid Solution where it’s the one-on-one and the testing and all that.” I just deducted the cost of the course off and they go right into it. They’re loving it. It’s been going well, and that was that. I launched that in December 2022. That’s why December was a crazy month for me. I’m not sure why I decided to do it in December, but I was like, “It’s done. Let’s do it.” I was glad that I did it because I felt good. I had a lot of people that were happy with it. Many people bought it for themselves for Christmas, which was cool.

That’s so amazing. I love that. I’m curious what words of wisdom you would have for readers in the first year of their business and feeling like, “This is way harder than I thought it was?” What would you say to them?

First and foremost, I keep using the word consistent, but I cannot emphasize that enough. In my opinion, especially in the health coaching business, you have to be on social media. A lot of people want to be on social media. It’s hard to build a health coaching business without being on social media. People need to see your face. The other thing about it is that it’s not posting education posts. They want to see your face and see you talking. I always tell people like, “Get in your stories. Do reels and videos or anything that you can do to relate to them. Talk like you’re talking to a friend. It goes a super long way.

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed. I was like, “It’s a lot of work.” If I look back, there were times that I was like, “I don’t know if I can do this.” There were a couple of times that I said that to myself and then I thought, “I can do this. ” You have to look at first what your goals are and then secondly, based off of what your goals are or what you want to achieve, whether it’s quarter, the end of the year, or whatever.

I would look at my weekly and monthly goals and get so hung up like, “I only got two enrollments.” I started looking at quarters, and when I started, there was a huge difference for me because I didn’t get so hung up on numbers, this, and that. I started looking out what is my quarterly goals and want to achieve by the end of this quarter. That helped me not feel as overwhelmed or in fear that I didn’t do as well.

Again, consistency is massive. It’s being real and genuine and talking to them. That’s why getting on social media is a huge one. It’s a big one. I will be the first to admit that I was super nervous. I had been on Facebook for my personal Facebook and that’s it. I was posting pictures of my dogs and my kids, and that’s it. When I was going on Instagram, that was a little scary for me. When you and I started working together, I don’t think I even had 500 and now, I have almost 10,000. That’s my goal is to get past 10,000. It’s so natural.

Now, people will find me that way. I can’t emphasize enough showing up and being consistent and talking to them like you’re just you. A big one for me that helped me a lot was when I started looking at quarters because there were times when I thought I was going to throw in the towel and I was like, “No, I can do this.” It can be hard, even now. There are times when I’m like, “This is a lot of work,” but the other part of it too that helped me too is I started making a list and I still do this.

I make a list of what I enjoy, what I like about doing in my business, and what I absolutely hate. Anything on my absolutely hate list, I was like, “I’m going to start outsourcing this at some point.” Maybe not right away, depending on where my income was. Now, I outsource a lot. I’m like, “I’m going to start outsourcing some of this stuff because I hate it and it takes all my energy away.” That was a big one, too, when I started looking at this list that I don’t like. At some point, I’m either going to do it now or in the future where I’m going to outsource this or somebody’s going to help me with this because I can’t do it or I hate it and it’s sucking the life out of me.

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: When running a business, make a list of everything you enjoy and hate doing. Give up those things you don’t want to do and start outsourcing them.


It’s so important. Once you start outsourcing, you’re like, “This is the best thing ever. Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

I like Canva, but I do not like making graphics or any of that stuff. I was telling my husband this the other day. I was like, “I’m so grateful that I have my VA because I could stick a fork in my eye. I hate doing graphics. I don’t like it. It’s not fun for me. My VA is amazing at it. I’m like, “Why did I not do this a long time ago? This is insane that I kept sucking it up and doing it and I hated it.” It sucked the life out of me. It’s like things you got to start looking at like that, it’s not worth it to try to put your energy into it. In the beginning, I did it because I needed to build my business, but now I’m like, “Nope, not doing it now.”

It shows too, what is possible. To everyone reading this, you’re building something from scratch, and building something is never easy and the struggle is a part of it. You have to struggle. Nobody gets to where Angela is without some level of struggle, hustle, and sacrifice, but if you want it and stick with it, and as Angela said, you’re consistent, the sky’s the limit. You can build whatever you want.

That’s the thing too that I had to also tell myself. This is what I want, so I’m going to suck it up. “I don’t enjoy things right now.” There are times when I said that, but I’m like, “This is what I want. I want to be there for women. I want to be of service to women. Maybe I have to go through some of these things to get to the other side, but I knew I could get to the other side. I needed to be patient.” Patience was hard for me and still is, but I’m not the most patient person. When I started going, “What’s my endgame?” I want to be of service to women. I can’t be of service to women if I’m going to be down in the dumps because I didn’t get this thing or I didn’t do that right or whatever and I’m overwhelmed.

TWCK 153 | Growing Your Business
Growing Your Business: You can’t be of service to women if you’re down in the dumps or feeling overwhelmed. Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, especially in the health coaching industry.


That took the energy out of me, so I couldn’t do what I wanted to do then. It doesn’t happen overnight. I wish it was that easy. Anytime you’re building your own business, it’s always going to be like that, especially in the health coaching industry, but it does get easier there. You will get to that other side, but the consistency of it and knowing that it’s going to get there was huge. I knew I could do it, but I’m not going to lie, there were days where I was like, “I don’t know if I can do this,” and then I’m like, “I can do this.”

If I’m looking at the next week and I’m like, “I have this to-do list and it’s so long, how am I going to do this?” I’m like, “We’re not going to look at the list for next week now.” We’re going to look at, “What can I do this week?” I had to do a lot of mindset work because I’m so anal and a type-A perfectionist. I had to do a lot of work around that. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be done all now. It’s still going to be there tomorrow, and that was a big one for me to get through.

The never-ending to-do list is something you have to learn as an entrepreneur. If ever anyone’s had a corporate job or any consulting job, you are done at the end of the day and then wrap something up, but with a business, the to-do list is always there and it never ends. There’s no endpoint.

There’s never an endpoint and that was the thing I had to keep getting over because I would look at my to-do list and I would almost get anxious. I’m like, “You’re going to have a to-do list always. You’re an entrepreneur. You own your business.” As you said, I’m not working a 9:00 to 5:00 job like my PT job showed up, did my job, left, and went home. That was it. It doesn’t work like that in this business. I had to work on that, too, in my head.

Don’t get hung up if there’s a to-do list. It’s going to always be there. You’re always going to have one, and even now, things are running very smoothly for me, but I still have a to-do list. Now, I’m grateful for it because I have an amazing business. I’m glad I have a to-do list. If I didn’t have a to-do list, I didn’t have a business.

I so appreciate you coming on and sharing this with us. It’s inspiring and hopefully, our readers will get a better idea of what the journey can look like. If people want to connect with you and stalk you online, where do they find you?

I’m on Instagram at @AngelaBrownCoach. I do have a website, I have lots of stuff on there, but I’m mostly on Instagram. I have a Facebook page, too, Angela Brown Thyroid Coach, but my Instagram is where I’m at the most. I’m always on there. That’s where people find me the most.

Thank you so much, Angela. This has been great.

Thank you for having me. It’s good chatting with you and catching up.

It’s been super fun and thank you, everyone, for reading. I will see you next Monday, same time and the same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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TWCK 153 | Growing Your BusinessAngela is a holistic health coach from St. Louis, MO.  She is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), a licensed physical therapist, as well as a personal trainer.  She specializes in advanced testing and thyroid healing for women.  She has recovered from hypothyroidism herself after being diagnosed at the age of 22.  She used her experience and education to create her program called “The Sexy Thyroid Solution” to help women no longer suffer like she did and get to the root cause of their health issues.

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