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7 Ways To Drown In A Sea Of Income (Where All My Money Comes From)

TWCK 161 | Income Streams

You don’t need to hustle so hard to earn a lot of money. Just focus on unlocking passive income streams and you’re already on the right path towards financial freedom. Join Kendra Perry as she shares her seven streams of income, from her courses, affiliate programs, and even her YouTube channel. Tune in and learn from her business strategies that you may apply to your own ventures today!


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7 Ways To Drown In A Sea Of Income (Where All My Money Comes From)

In this episode, we’re going to talk about my seven income streams. I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately about where my money comes from and what’s making me the most amount of money. I figured I would be totally transparent and share with you where all my money comes from. I’m going to talk about my seven different income streams. Let’s dive right into it.

Now, I’ve done my best to talk about these in order of profit, so the things that make me the most money down to the things that make me the least money. I’m all about simplicity in my business and I like things to be easy. The more complex a business gets, the more difficult it gets. The more you work, the harder it is to make money.

TWCK 161 | Income Streams
Income Streams: The more complex your business gets, the more difficult it gets to make money. Make your business simpler.


Something I’ve learned over the past year or so is that simplicity scales. I’ve been doing my best to make my business more and more simple. My goal for 2023 is to simplify but that being said, it is good to have several income streams. The reason for this is that it makes you have to hustle left, especially if those income streams are slightly more passive. I’m going to talk about that.

Two Courses

My biggest sources of revenue are my two courses. I have HTMA Expert and I have Health Coach Accelerator. HTMA Expert probably makes me more money than Health Coach Accelerator, at least it did in 2022. Now, for those of you who don’t know, HTMA Expert is my course that teaches health practitioners how to interpret and utilize hair tissue mineral analysis.

I don’t talk about it much on the show. I’ve established myself more of a business coach. It’s funny that I’m seen as a business coach but I have this course that doesn’t have anything to do with business that makes me the majority of my money. Basically, if you don’t know what hair tissue mineral analysis is, it’s a functional test that analyzes the mineral content of the hair.

The very fascinating thing about HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is that minerals do not deposit randomly in the hair. They deposit in very specific patterns. The patterns and the balance between the minerals give you this incredible amount of insight about the human body. It’s probably one of the most powerful lab tests that you can run.

The cool thing about it is it’s cheap as f***. It might cost you maybe $60 and maybe anywhere up to $110. Depending if you need to order through a third party versus directly from the lab. It’s cheap because we think of things like gut testing and hormone testing, which run us hundreds of dollars. There’s this amazing tool that’s very non-invasive. People don’t have to collect urine or poop. They just have to cut a little bit of their hair for only $60 and they can get this powerful amount of information about their body.

If you want to learn more about hair tissue mineral analysis, I will link my free masterclass. That is probably my biggest source of revenue. People love this course. It’s one of a kind. I created it because I saw a gap in the market, which is what good business is about. HTMA is a big part of my story. It’s what helped me get over my energy issues, my chronic fatigue that I was struggling with.

It helped me so much, but it was hard for me to learn how to use it because there was a lack of education out there. What I found was a lot of the experts were tightlipped with their wisdom. They didn’t want to share it. It made it hard to learn it. I had to hire these experts one-on-one and learn. It cost me so much money. It was totally worth it. It was a lot and I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a better training program out there.

After I saw that lots of people were interested in learning it, I realized that I needed to create a course. In HTMA Expert, I am not tightlipped with my wisdom. I give my students everything that I’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients with HTMA and at this point, analyzing thousands of panels. That’s my main source of revenue. Next would be Health Coach Accelerator. I talk about Health Coach Accelerator a lot on the show.

This is a six-month online course and group mentorship program where I help health and wellness practitioners and coaches build an online program that helps them create a business that can grow to six figures and beyond. That is my next source of revenue. I know I have two programs and that’s not typically what I recommend to my students. It’s important to have one awesome program. Honestly, HTMA Expert is such a gold mind that I will never let it go.

Two Memberships

HCA is my big passion. I’m passionate about helping practitioners with my business. This does complicate my business slightly but I used to have three programs and now I only have two. I’ve simplified in that regard. Now, I also have two memberships but I want to make it clear that these memberships aren’t separate programs.

What I mean by this is when people join HTMA Expert, they get access to 90 days of live support. There’s a Facebook group and I have coaches in the program that help people with their cases and build protocols. After 90 days, they can choose to continue if they want to continue to access the live support. That would be my third biggest revenue generator because we probably have about 100 people in the membership paying about $97 a month or so.

Some people are paying a little bit less who are founding members because I started this back in, I believe 2019. Basically, they can pay monthly to continue. I like this model because I’m not creating anything new. I’m not having to create necessarily like a lot of new content. People are being able to extend their access to coaching and support. That’s what my other membership is, which I call the HCA membership because when people come into Health Coach Accelerator, they get six months of access to coaching from me, a Facebook group and weekly reviews and after six months they can choose to continue on a monthly basis.

TWCK 161 | Income Streams
Income Streams: The HCA membership gives people up to six months access to coaching, the Facebook group, and weekly reviews. That’s how you keep people interested and build recurring revenue into your business.


This is how I’ve built recurring revenue into my business and how I try to keep people once they come in because the truth is with HTMA, it’s a complex test. Learning it is a matter of seeing enough cases but that can be hard to do when you’re only running HTMAs on your own clients. What we do is we’ve built this amazing, it’s probably the most comprehensive HTMA database in case study library in the world. We have probably over 500 cases and counting.

Our students can go through and look at those cases. Every week, one of our coaches does case reviews. They go over other students’ client cases. Staying in the membership is valuable because it helps you see more cases. It also helps you get help on your client cases so that you don’t get stuck and you feel confident in your protocols.

The same thing goes for HCA because mentorship is important. Having access to a coach, someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to look over your work is important. We want to give our members the opportunity to stick around as well. Those four, the HTMA Expert, HCA and both of their associated memberships, that’s where the great majority, I would say this is probably like 80% or 85% of my income. That’s like a ballpark. I don’t have the actual numbers but that is the great majority of my revenue.


The next thing that makes me a good amount of money is my partnership with Vykon. Vykon is a supplement company that makes custom mineral powders for HTMA results. When I first started doing HTMA, it was hard to build protocols because the truth is, minerals are very heavy and to get all of what you needed in one formula was impossible. That just didn’t exist.

What we were doing is we were recommending individual mineral supplements. What that led to was sometimes people being on 10 or 15 plus supplements, which are expensive. It’s pretty tricky for client compliance because it’s overwhelming. They have to take a lot of pills in a day. One of my colleagues, a friend of mine and we go way back, was seeing this too and she saw the gap in the market.

She partnered with a supplement company called Vykon. Vykon creates these custom mineral formulas for HTMA, so it’s amazing. There are certain patterns that come up on HTMA. We can create basically three different base-level custom mineral formulas then we can add on, so it’s very cool. When people sign up for HTMA Expert, they qualify for an account with Vykon. I make a little bit of a commission every time I send people over to Vykon. I probably make about $1,000 a month on that.


It’s not like crazy but it’s a decent amount of income. That would be the next biggest revenue stream. After that, very similar, its affiliates. I recommend that certain products that I believe in and I make a little bit of a commission. Now, this is a good thing for you to be doing in your business because perhaps, you are recommending some product, you should always reach out and see if that company has an affiliate program.

TWCK 161 | Income Streams
Income Streams: Always reach out to a company to see if they have an affiliate program. Sometimes, you can make $30,000 a year on commission right here.


For example, in my HTMA Expert program, I’m a big fan of Pure Effects Water Filters. This is because I love this filter. It’s an amazing filter that gets a rid of a wide variety of contaminants without disrupting the mineral structure of the water, which I think is very important. This is what I recommend to my students for water filters. I will give them my affiliate link and I make a little bit of commission off of that.

Another example inside HCA is I recommend Christy Westerfeld. Christy Westerfeld is a lawyer for health coaches. As you run a business, you need to have legal contracts. It’s something that I can’t provide my students with because I am not a lawyer and that would be illegal. Sometimes, people need legal templates. I recommend Christy Westerfeld. I send people to her legal templates. It’s way cheaper to do a template versus hiring a lawyer to custom-make it for you. I will make a little bit of commission from that.

I also recommend Convertkit. That is my preferred email marketing provider. I signed up for their affiliate program and I make a commission off that. I also make a commission off when I recommend Practice Better because these are platforms that I stand behind and I’ve used personally. I think they’re great and I might as well make a little bit of a commission on it. You might be doing this through Fullscript, for example, which is an online supplement company that allows you to make some commission but maybe there’s something else you recommend.

Maybe you’re recommending a red JEV light and they have an affiliate program. Maybe there’s a certain sauna that you recommend and maybe they have an affiliate program. Any product that you are recommending on the regular, check to see if they have an affiliate program. I don’t make a lot of money from affiliates but I do make sometimes $20,000 or $30,000 a year on commission and it’s free money, so you might as well.

YouTube Partnership

The final revenue stream and is a pretty low one but I figured it was worth mentioning. It is the YouTube partnership program. I make YouTube videos a couple of times a month. I have over 100 episodes on my YouTube channel. I am signed up for their partnership program, which means that I make money off of the ads that they run on my account.

Now, it’s not a huge amount of money. I’ll make anywhere from $50 a month to $100 a month. Sometimes up to $150 but again, it’s free money. If my channel ever takes off on the future and I start getting millions of subscribers or I start getting hundreds of thousands of views on my video. The thing about YouTube is it’s a long game. It does build views over time. That could become a decent income stream. Again, I’m already making videos for YouTube, I might as well be making a little bit of money on them too.


Know that to be eligible for the YouTube partnership program, I believe you need 1,000 subscribers to your channel and you need a certain amount of watch time. Check that out because if you’re brand new and starting your YouTube channel, you won’t be eligible but you will in the future if you keep going. To summarize, my main source of income are my courses, HTMA Expert and HCA. The next are the memberships associated with them, then Vykon Supplements and the affiliate products that I recommend then finally the YouTube partnership program. The very cool thing about this is the first four, the courses and the membership. They require work but the last three, Vykon, affiliates and the YouTube partnership are relatively passive.

I still need to be enrolling clients into HTMA Expert for people to sign out for a Vykon account. I need students to be able to recommend affiliate products and I need to be making consistent YouTube videos to make money from the partnership program. They’re not truly passive but they are mostly passive. I hope that inspires you and gives you an overview of what’s possible for income streams. Start to think about how you can set up other income streams in your business. I would say the easiest thing to do is to go the affiliate route.

If you are already recommending specific products for your clients, then check if those companies have affiliate programs. They will usually have no problem, enroll you in their affiliate program and making sure to share those links with all of your clients. I hope you found this episode insightful. I will see you next episode, same time, same place where I help you become wealthy AF.


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- Kendra
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