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What My Week Looks Like As The Owner Of A Million Dollar Coaching Business

TWCK 172 | Weekly Schedule

As an owner of a million-dollar coaching business catering to numerous customers, Kendra Perry is often asked about how she sets her weekly schedule. In this episode, she finally provides an in-depth insight into what she does from Monday to Sunday. Kendra emphasizes why she always plans ahead to avoid wasting her time and the importance of having a timeout after working nonstop. She also talks about her morning routine, her strength training with a personal trainer, and the project management tool she uses to organize her priorities.

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What My Week Looks Like As The Owner Of A Million Dollar Coaching Business

I wanted to do an episode on a question I have gotten a few times from some of my Health Coach Accelerator students. They asked me, “What does your week look like? How do you organize it? How do you structure it? What are you working on?” I’m going to use this episode to go through how I organize my week.

What I want to tell you is I’m not the most organized person. While I look structured, meaning that I do time block my calendar and I always have a plan, I don’t always follow it. Sometimes my plan goes out the window, but also know that I don’t have kids. I don’t have the responsibility of children or kids. That allows me a little bit more flow in my day. When you have more responsibility like children, you probably do have to be a little bit more rigid and structured.

I time block my calendar. What I mean by that is in Google Calendar, I create blocks with what I’m going to work on, but I have another layer. In Google Calendars, you can create different calendars. I have a special calendar called my Planning Calendar. I like that because it doesn’t block out my schedule. For example, if someone needs to schedule me, they can still schedule with me and I can take it off because sometimes looking at all the blocks makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. I can put it on when I want to look at it, and then I can uncheck it and it will pull off, and then I will only see the meetings that I have.

I don’t do any one-on-one coaching. I want to also put that out there. I only do coaching inside my group programs. I only have a 90-minute coaching call every week. That’s it. I have that and then I have a meeting with my online business manager, Elise. That’s basically all I have on my schedule. Sometimes I do interviews, so that might be on my schedule.

Sometimes there’s another meeting with my coach for example or something else. For the most part, the only responsibilities I have every week are that 90-minute group coaching call, and then my 30-minute meeting with my OBM. I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. If you do one-on-one calls, you are going to have a little bit less time so just keep that in mind, but I always time block my calendar.

What I do is I always plan in advance. The worst thing you can do in business is to not have a plan where you go into your work week and then you sit down at your computer and you are like, “I don’t know what I should be working on.” You end up going, “I will answer these emails and I will do some comments on social media,” and then in the end, you don’t do any meaningful work. I want to avoid that. On Thursdays, I always sit down. Although I say that and realize that I’m lying because I don’t always do it. I always do it at some point.

It is on my calendar but sometimes I will do it on a Friday or at a different time, but I always go into my week with a plan and knowing what I need to work on. I then create those time blocks because I’m like, “What are the priorities?” For example, I’m preparing for my online virtual summit. By the time this episode drops, the summit will have passed. Basically, I know that I need to do tasks for that. That’s the priority. I always try to have a main priority and it’s usually the thing that’s coming up, whether that’s a launch, the summit, or something else. Right now, I’m devoting my week to those tasks.

Also, recording for the show. When this episode drops, I’m going to be in Italy. I want to make sure all my episodes are recorded well in advance of me leaving, which is very exciting. Hopefully, at the time of this recording, I am gallivanting on a hillside, eating a glutenous piece of bread, and having a glass of wine, which is very unlike me because I don’t eat gluten, but I am in Italy. I will let you know how that goes.

I always like to have a plan for my week, and I have talked about this in other episodes, but you want to make sure you sit down on a Thursday, Friday, or even on the weekend. Sit down and think, “What are my priorities right now? What am I working on? What time do I have available in the following week,” and then start to time block out your calendar.

This can be tricky in the beginning because sometimes you are like, “I don’t know how long things take.” You will learn over time, but you want to have that plan. My schedule changes based on the season because I’m very activity outdoors-oriented. I’m a very passionate skier, hiker, and mountain biker. It depends on what season it is.

TWCK 172 | Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule: My schedule changes based on the season because I’m very activity outdoors-oriented. I’m a passionate skier, hiker, and mountain biker.


For example, right now it’s spring. In winter, I don’t schedule anything before noon because if there’s a powder day, I want to go to the ski hill and get those sweet juicy turns in. I won’t schedule anything in the morning. My schedule is a little bit all over the place in the winter because I never schedule anything in the morning, but then sometimes there’s no snow and then I will work anyways. I am a little bit more all over the map. Things get a little bit more regimented and organized as we come into spring, summer, and fall.

Maybe what will be helpful to give you a little bit of context is to talk about how I’m working my schedule right now, but also understand that sometimes my plan goes out the window and sometimes I rebel against my own plan because I’m a little bit of a rebel. My mornings all look a little bit different. I don’t do a consistent morning routine. There are certain things that I always like to try to get done in the morning, but I don’t always get them done. I always try to do some light therapy. I have a vitamin D lamp. I like to sit in front of my vitamin D lamp or my red therapy lamp.

I like to do a little bit of movement. Sometimes that might be going for a walk. I did a little twenty-minute interval training, and then I like to sit and have some quiet time and drink my coffee. I also like to try to get some stretching in, but I’m pretty horrible with stretching, so I don’t always do that. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I workout with my personal trainer at 7:45 in the morning. It’s a one-woman show. I workout in her garage. I love it. It’s very low-key. It’s totally my scene. We work on strength training.

On those mornings I typically get up around 6:00 AM. I like to try to get in at 5:30 AM but that doesn’t always happen. Get up at 6:00 AM. I do my light therapy. I try to do a little bit of a stretch. I make a small breakfast. I would fast, but when I do those workouts, I like to have a little bit of breakfast. I will do maybe some soft-boiled eggs with some keto toast, and something like that. Maybe a leftover from dinner, but I like it to be small because I don’t like to workout with too much food in my belly.

I do that and I usually try to drink a liter of water with a little bit of sea salt in it, and then I make a coffee, and then I drive out to my trainer. I work out with her for an hour from 7:45 to 8:45. I get home around 5 minutes or 10 minutes after 9:00, and then I will sit down and I will stretch. If it’s nice outside, I will go outside on the deck and I will stretch because we have morning sun. I will stretch in the sun and get that. I try to get to work at 10:00. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will work between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, so sometimes a little later.

My most focused time is the morning time. I tend to get more unfocused once we get into the afternoon. I have a hard time working past 3:00 PM. I don’t take a lot of breaks. I have a little app on my computer called Timeout. It reminds me to take a break every hour. Every hour I might stand up and do some swings or walk around the house or do some stretches to reset. Mostly I work straight through. It’s how I like to do it because I like to have that buffer time at either end of my day to do things.

TWCK 172 | Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule: A little app called Timeout reminds me to take a break every hour. This way, I can do some swings, walk around the house, or do some stretches to reset.


I usually like to lock myself in my office. I get things done and I focus on creative tasks first. Regardless of what day it is, first I focus on creative tasks. I make sure I don’t have any notifications on my phone. I’m in airplane mode. The only notification that I will get is from calendar and reminders. Otherwise, I will forget an appointment, and then I wear a continuous glucose monitor for fun, but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be wearing it. It will tell me if my glucose is going high or low.

I try to avoid social media. I don’t go into any of my Facebook groups. The only thing I will do is I will check Slack, which is our team communication board to make sure everyone is set up for success so that everyone is good. I think it’s important to keep those notifications off. I then work on those creative tasks.

That would be something maybe like this, recording for the show. It might be creating Instagram content, writing emails for a launch, sales copy, or doing some Facebook ad stuff. It’s whatever the main priority and I always try to do that first. Around noon, usually midday, regardless of the day, this is when I go into my Facebook groups and support my students. In both my programs, I have other coaches. Usually, people aren’t waiting to get support until noon. They will get support from the other coaches.

I go in at noon and all of my coaches are in Eastern time. By the time I’m in there, they are finished their day. It’s great because then my students will get that support all day long. I will do that and then I will go into Asana, which is our project management tool. My OBM, Online Business Manager, Elise will make me a to-do list every week, which I love. It’s like my favorite thing ever. I will go in there and look for any admin tasks. Maybe I need to record a quick video for something. Maybe I need to review something or things like that. I will go in and I will do that.

I will maybe check my email. I’m horrible with email. My inbox is always a disaster, but I will check that usually at the end of the day. Once I’m done for the day, I like to go outside and be active. That might be going out into the garden. It might be going for a walk, a hike, or a bike ride. I might be meeting up with a friend, but I like to get out of the house and go do something.

That’s what I do, and then I like to eat dinner pretty early. I like to eat dinner before 6:00. I will then come home and I will do dinner, and then I’m usually just a couch potato. I sit around, I read, I stretch, and I watch silly reality shows on Netflix. I disconnect and hang out with my partner. We couch potato it up. That’s Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Wednesdays, I workout with my personal trainer at 1:00 PM. On this day, I will get up usually around 5:00 or 5:30. I will do a little bit of a morning routine or whatever that looks like, and I will try to start my day at 7:00, and I will work from 7:00 until noon, and then I will eat. I usually fast all morning. I will eat and then I will go to my workout. Often, after the workout, I will go to the beach and do a little bit of a stretch. Maybe have a swim if it’s s warm enough. I will come home and tie up any loose ends.

Wednesdays, I finish quite early. Sometimes I don’t need to set up any or tie up any loose ends. Sometimes I’m done at 12:00, which I like. I like to get it done and if it’s a nice day, I can go outside, and then I have my early dinner. Sometimes I will go do some more activity outside or meet up with a friend, or something like that.

Monday is an open day for me. I never have meetings. I do my coaching calls and meetings on the same day of the week. That happens on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, sometimes I’m on a coaching call or sometimes I’m working on focus work, and then I have my team meeting in the afternoon. On Monday, I also try to get up early and do a workout. Sometimes I will do a twenty-minute HIIT workout.

I have been doing this twenty-minute HIIT with a skipping rope where I work for 8 seconds and have 12 seconds of active rest, which I like. If it’s a nice day, sometimes I will go for a little hike in the morning. I try to start work between 9:00 and 10:00, and then I’m finished by 2:00 or 3:00. I run my day the same way.

I pop on. The first thing I do is check my Slack, see if the team needs any help, and then I shut off all notifications, and then I go into that creative work around noon. I pop into the Facebook groups and make sure everyone is supported. I check Asana and see if there are any admin tasks I have to do. Maybe check email and that’s where I work on the things that require less creative power. Usually, I will finish by going into my Facebook groups, and then I will be done for the day, and then I will do my walk, hike, bike ride, or meet up with a friend.

Fridays are my whatever day. I don’t like to have a plan for Friday unless there’s some timely project that I’m working on, but I allow whatever to happen. Usually, it’s a rest day for exercise because on the weekend I’m out hiking, biking, skiing, or camping. I’m getting a lot of activity on the weekend. Friday, I like to do whatever. I sleep until I want and then I get up. I’m not available in my Facebook groups in any of my programs. The coaches take care of the groups on Fridays. I’m out. I’m not there on Fridays.

This allows me to do whatever I want. Whether that is focusing on a project because sometimes certain things I love working on. Certain projects are fun for me to work on, and it’s nice when I can get a whole day uninterrupted. Sometimes I might take a day off or I might do half and half. I might do something in the morning and work a bit in the afternoon, or I might work a bit in the morning and then take off early in the afternoon, or I might take the whole day off. If I do exercise, it’s typically a walk. Nothing too strenuous, but I love Fridays for being whatever I want them to be.

That’s how I run my days. I work on average 5 to 6 hours per day. Sometimes my plan goes out the window. Sometimes I rebel against my plan. Sometimes I’m not feeling it. Being someone who doesn’t have kids, I have the luxury of being a little bit more flexible with my plan. I was interviewing Amy Slater for the show. Her episode will be dropping soon. She’s a mom of two sets of twins. I worked with Amy in 2020 in my Mastermind program.

TWCK 172 | Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule: I work an average of five to six hours a day. But sometimes, my plan goes out the window. Being someone who doesn’t have kids gives me the luxury of being a bit more flexible.


She’s had so much success. What she said on the show was, “I don’t have a lot of flow. Sometimes I have to sit down and I have to force myself to do something that I don’t want to do even when I’m not feeling it because that’s the time I have. If I don’t do it, then it’s not going to get done.” Take advice from Amy, not me. That’s what she says and that makes a lot of sense to me. You have to be respectful of the lifestyle you have and your responsibilities.

What I want to put out there is I’m not a super regimented person. This plan sounds maybe regimented, but know that sometimes it goes out the window. I decide to do something else or I’m not feeling it. I end up working in the evening because I have to catch up or whatever, but I do love that flexibility. I love the feeling of being able to do that.

Maybe on a Wednesday, I feel like going to the farmer’s market and buying some veggies and maybe going out for lunch. I will do that and then I will do the work on the weekend. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes because of the weather, maybe it’s raining on the weekend, but it’s going to be beautiful during the week. Sometimes I’m like, “I’m going to work on the weekend and then I’m going to take Monday and Tuesday off because it’s going to be beautiful.” That’s what I love about having a business.

I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into how I run my week and what I’m up to on any given day. Maybe that will give you a little bit of inspiration. The main thing I want to get across is that the reason why I’m able to be productive is because I have a plan. Sometimes I move things around and sometimes that plan slightly goes out the window, but when I sit down to work every day, I always know what I’m working on. I’m never like, “What should I work on? I don’t know what to work on.” I always know what I’m working on and what I’m prioritizing. I leverage the part of the day when I have the most energy, which is in the morning because I know in the afternoon, I start to get distracted.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you love this episode, I would so appreciate it if you could give me a five-star review on iTunes. Go to I would so love to hear from you. Thank you so much. I always appreciate your time and I will see you next episode. Same place and the same time, where I help you become wealthy AF.


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