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You’re NOT Afraid of the Camera

Are you TERRIFIED of putting yourself on video?

Maybe you feel awkward or weird when you’re in front of the camera. Maybe you’re stressed out that your MOM might be watching you? Eeeeek!

But what if I told you that you’re not afraid of the camera and that maybe it’s something else?

In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, we discuss what you are actually afraid of and how to overcome it.


You can’t control what people think about you. That means regardless of looking like a total badass or a total goofball, you can’t control what people will think. But I guarantee that no matter what, you WILL be a badass because you’re showing up as yourself.

Video is hawt!

Video is necessary to grow your business in 2020 and moving forward. Video is not going away…we now have TikTok, Instagram Live, Instagram stories, IGTV, Facebook Live, and of course YouTube (not to mention webinars and online courses).

If you want to be an expert health coach, you have to put yourself out there to connect with your audience. Your authenticity, vulnerability and expertise can only truly be portrayed in video format. Text just doesn’t serve you justice.

Admit to the fear

Admit that you aren’t afraid of video, you’re afraid of the judgement you may receive. Newsflash: no matter how you show up, you will be judged. There have been multiple occasions where one of my videos has received many praises and a few criticism. You have to remember that if you are showing up as yourself, someone will have something to say.

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- Kendra
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