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Racism, Health Coaching & Cancel Culture

We are switching gears today than the usual business chat to talk.  Today I am talking about racism, health coaching & the impacts of cancel culture.

In this episode:
– why I listen to ALL sides of the spectrum (even if I don’t align with them)
– systemic racism & health coaching
– is cancel culture the right move?
– how to change your social media algorithm to be more diverse

I will start by saying that I like to observe and learn before speaking on any particular topic. I don’t think it’s responsible to consume and teach without integrating first. I don’t believe in performance activism and posting something to just post it.

That said, I am still learning. I am taking Monique Melton’s online course (find it here) and following a whol spectrum of different people. I believe if you truly want to be an openminded person, you need to have a flexible framework. There are going to be things that you’re probably not going to shift your idea around, but we create rigid beliefs when we’re not willing or open to see other points of view, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it goes against the mainstream.

I am a work in process and I’m striving to learn from as many people as possible, including from myself! Part of doing the work is looking inward as well.

My strengths are in business and online marketing, so when it comes to contributing to the anti-racism fight, I am looking at that within my business, within myself and within the industry.

If you want to reach out and connect about this episode or anything else, best place to connect is to DM me on Instagram @kendraperryinc

Tools discussed:
Tony Robbins podcast episode about COVID-19

- Kendra
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