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7 Places to Find New Clients

find new clients


One of the biggest questions I get from health coaches is where do I get clients? In my new episode of High on Business, I’m actually going to go through seven different places, both online and offline where you can get new clients.

7 Places a Health Coach can get Clients from:1) Local WorkshopsEven if your goal is to work online and get clients online, I still recommend that you start with workshops. This is what I did when I first started my business and this is how I got all of my first clients. The reason you want to do this, even when you’re building a business online, is it can take a lot of time to build trust with your audience. By running live workshops, people tend to connect with you way quicker in person than they do online. And after your workshops, it’s really important that you follow up with the attendees with a special offer or a free discovery.

2) Natural Wellness Expos/ConferencesLike a workshop, this gives you the ability to talk with people in person. I can almost guarantee that there is some sort of conference or health event in your area where you can have a booth and you can go and talk to people who might be your ideal client. Not sure who your ideal client is? Be sure to check out my Niching Workbook.

3) Friends & FamilySee if they’re interested or if they know someone who is. And what’s great about this is they already know and trust you!

4) Facebook GroupsRemember to read the rules of the group before you go in there. Don’t go in there and start spamming and get kicked out of the group. So do that first and then engage.

5) Instagram stories.My personal favorite. Remember, we use these for education and not just showing photos of our kids and our dogs (as much as I love showing off my kitty). We want to use this as an educational platform. Check out my Instragram to see the type of content I post.

6) Host a Free or Low Price ChallengeThis should be specific to the program that ultimately you’re going to be offering. Because it’s free or low cost, it’s an easy commitment to get potential clients in.

7) YouTubeYour evergreen platform where people can continue to find your videos for years. Similar to Instagram, this is an educational platform where you can go into a bit more detail than you can on Instagram. Typically, videos should be 5-7 minutes as people’s attention spans don’t last longer than that. Check out my YouTube channel (& subscribe to it while you’re there) to see how I do it.

- Kendra
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