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#43 – When Shifting Your Mindset Isn’t Enough With Chanee Momoko

Are you a personal development junkie? Are you completely aware you have a mindset issue, yet after committing so much time to improve yourself, you still feel totally stuck in your business?

In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m joined by my soul sister, Chanee Momoko, and we are going to be discussing all this mindset shit that’s got you stumped!


In this episode, we chat about:

What mindset actually means

What happens when mindset isn’t enough

Is a mindset shift all that is needed to build your business?

Why you have to stop digging, and you have to start building

Reiki, energy healing, and shadow work

How shadow work is the PR of our psyche

How breathwork gets you out of your limbic brain and into your body

Two mindset things you can start today to make a change


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When Shifting Your Mindset Isn’t Enough With Chanee Momoko

Are you a personal development junkie? Are you completely aware that you have a mindset issue yet after committing so much time and energy to improving yourself, you still feel stuck in your business? What is the deal and how can you finally shift in? In this episode, I’m hanging out with my good friend, Chanee Momoko. Chanee is my soul sister from another lifetime. We met in a leadership program and instantly became friends. She’s not only inspiring but she’s one of the most caring people I have ever met. Chanee is a former fitness and nutrition expert and retired WBFF Bikini Pro turned Master Life Coach for fitness and life coaches.

Her mission is to help women break through self-doubt and perfectionism, heal limiting beliefs, and take massive action so they can reach their highest potential in business and in life. She’s the host of Your Highest Self Podcast, which I highly recommend, and she’s the Founder of The Highest Self Mastermind that helps aspiring coaches create the conviction to go from a self-conscious nobody to a self-confident leader through balancing feminine and masculine energy. She is also the Founder of Evolv, a healing collective that supports women in their self-growth journey as they unapologetically evolve into the woman they’ve always dreamed of being. When she’s not coaching, you will find Chanee reading, boxing, gardening and fostering orphan kittens with her husband and four Min Pins in Northern California. You are going to love this chat with Chanee. Let’s jump into it.

Chanee, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

This is so fun. I’ve known Chanee since January of 2021. We are soul sisters. We quickly connected inside a leadership program that we were doing. I’m so excited to have her on the show. Chanee, I would love if you would tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are with what you’re doing in your business.

I started off as a fitness and nutrition coach. It all happened when I did my first bodybuilding show in 2013. I was a senior in college. Before that, I started working out before that I had never worked out. When I lifted my first weight, it was empowering. A friend showed me a photo of a competitor wearing a sparkly bikini. She looked gorgeous. I was like, “I need to do this.” Being a type-A obsessive personality, I dove straight into it. I did my first show. I won my pro card. I won first place. I was the youngest person there. I became obsessed with fitness. I’ve always known that I wanted to help people. I just wasn’t sure how.

My major at that time was City and Regional Planning. I only chose that major to get into the school because I knew I’d get in. I’ve always wanted to help people so I was like, “I’m going to help people by becoming a personal trainer.” Fast forward a year, I stayed at my university for another year after I graduated. I became a personal trainer. Within a month, I built a full personal training business. It was funny how good at it I was. I felt I found my purpose. In doing that first show, I developed body image dysmorphia and an eating disorder. I had never struggled with any of that before. I loved competing so much, and the emotional and mental training that I went through to even have the courage to do that was so profound that I wanted to do it again.

Fast forward to 2015, I competed in my first pro show. I coached myself. I learned the ins and outs of the industry of dieting, posing, training routines, building muscle and all of that. I became obsessed. While being a personal trainer, I competed in five shows back-to-back, which was a lot of fun. During that process, I launched my online business. I didn’t launch my online business until I was done competing, which is interesting because of all the time and energy that I took to compete on the pro level. Once I launched my online business, I was a fitness coach. I did competition prep training. I also went into post-competition training. Even though I had made a commitment to myself that when I went back into the competing circuit, I would do it in the healthiest way possible mentally, emotionally and physically, it still caught up with me. I still did develop an eating disorder again.

My identity was so wrapped up in being a pro and looking a certain way that inevitably when I gained the twenty pounds after, it was a big crash. I felt like I went through a spiritual awakening of refinding myself and realizing who it is I really am. What are my values? What’s important to me? That’s when it became clear that competing was a Band-Aid for my inner child wounds. That propelled me down a long winding healing journey of therapists, bodywork, breathwork, and lots of coaching. Alongside that, I’m continuing to coach my clients and being a coach in that capacity. Long story short, through all of that, the thing that I loved most about being a coach and what made the biggest difference for me was the mindset. I can give my client the best training program and the best meal plan. I could show up to their house four times a week to train them but if they didn’t have the mindset and the self-belief about what they were doing as possible or that they were worthy of the goals that they want to achieve, they’re always going to self-sabotage themselves.

That’s the stuff I loved. There are plenty of people who can make workout programs and do nutrition coaching. My bread and butter was mindset coaching. I dove straight into that. My business has pivoted a little bit. September of 2019 is when I decided to put the food and body image business to the side. I was trying to juggle two niches for a long time. It’s more so in 2020 that I finally lean into my pivot. I’m now a full-time life coach for fitness and life coaches helping them heal their limiting beliefs so they can step into their purpose and create impact.

For people reading who are health coaches, they have seen these mindset blocks in their clients knowing that they’re there or not because it’s so true. I used to see this as a health coach. You give someone the plan. You’re like, “You need to do it.” They’re not doing it. They still haven’t gotten started or this happens. When I was early on in my health coaching career, I didn’t understand this mindset thing. I didn’t understand why people weren’t doing it. It happens in business too. A lot of new coaches don’t even know that what they’re dealing with is the mindset. Can you tell our audience about how you would know you might be dealing with a mindset thing and we’re then going to dive into what happens if you’ve done the mindset work and it’s not working?

I feel like mindset is an esoteric word and it’s highly overused. Everyone is a mindset coach but what exactly does a mindset coach do? Whenever I use the word mindset, I want you to think of it as your perspective of something. How you view something is your mindset. It is the perception that you have of something in that moment. We often think that it’s our circumstances that create our reality but it’s not. It’s the thoughts that we have about our circumstances that create our experience. You can have one circumstance and have two different perspectives of it. Are you going to choose the positive mindset or the negative mindset?

Another way to look at it is, are you going to look at it with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? It’s your perspective. That’s the mindset. If you’re a human living on this Earth, you have mindset issues. We all have mindset blocks and that’s because there are many different things that happen to us growing up that curtails our conditioning. Specifically, between the ages of 0 to 7 is when our patterns and our conditioning take place. As a six-year-old, you don’t know that when someone says something to you that you’re ingraining conditioning or a pattern of something in you.

We’re so young. We’re downloading. It’s not always our parent’s fault. Sometimes, they are doing the best they can do but we’re little sponges at that point.

I didn’t know I had a mindset issue until I had that identity breakdown. You don’t know what you don’t know. It was when someone asked me, “Are you being compassionate with yourself or are you judging yourself?” That’s when I realized I had a choice. I had a choice of how I wanted to view my current circumstance and reality. If you’re doing all the things you should be doing and you are still struggling, then it’s a mindset thing. If you’ve been working on your mindset and you’re like, “I’m reading the books. I’m journaling. I’m meditating. I’m doing all this stuff and I’m still struggling with it,” that’s when I would say it’s a layer deeper and it’s an energy block.

I feel that a lot of coaches reading are self-care and personal development junkies. There’s this whole industry built on personal development and us never getting there. Let’s dig into that deeper layer. We talk about mindset a lot on this show. A lot of readers are aware that there are these mindset blocks but I also know that a lot of them are junkies. They do a lot of the stuff. They have all these different coaches and they’re reading all these books but yet they still can’t build the business.

That was me. I was doing all this stuff. I had the business. I was making $10,000 a month but I still was self-sabotaging myself, held myself back and I didn’t feel fully happy. I’m reaching my potential. When we’re personal development junkies, you have to understand that you’re digging a hole to try and find the root of the core wound but at some point, you have to stop digging and you have to start building.

I love this because I feel like I’ve done this. I’m like, “It must be this. Maybe it’s this or it’s because I had this experience or that experience. It’s this constant digging,” but you’re saying sometimes, you’ve got to stop digging, right?

TWCK 43 | Shifting Your Mindset
Shifting Your Mindset: If you don’t have the mindset and the self-belief that what you’re doing is possible or that you’re worthy of the goals you want to achieve, then you’re always going to self-sabotage.


Yes, you have to start building. This is where energy healing and beliefs come in. The missing piece of personal development is energy work. We can do all this mindset work. We can read all these books. We can surface layer fix ourselves. With personal development in my experience, I’m like, “Something is wrong with me. I need to be more positive. I need to fix this.” We want to flip that on its head and start to look at personal development as not fixing ourselves but elevating ourselves. Stop digging and start to build a new foundation for yourself is belief work. That’s the next layer. You’ve talked about the thought model.

I just taught the thought model and I was mentioning you too. I helped coach accelerator people. I’m having this flashback to this conversation we had where we were talking about body image. You said to me something along the lines of, “What if you’re not broken and nothing needs fixing?” I was like, “What do you mean?”

It’s because you’re ambitious. You want what’s next and what’s best. A lot of times, we go after building our businesses or going after our personal development journeys from that energy of scarcity. If you look for all the things that are wrong with you by reading the shows nonstop, you’re always going to be looking for what is wrong with you because you’re trying to fix something. If we can shift that energy and look at your personal development from a new perspective, a new mindset, you’ll start to see different things. In the thought model, circumstances trigger our thoughts which trigger our feelings, actions, and results. There’s a new layer in there that I’ve started to incorporate into my coaching and its beliefs.

A belief is a thought that you’ve had over and over again so much so that it becomes a subconscious part of you. We all have a certain set of beliefs about ourselves. A lot of it was built from the time we were 0 to 7 years old. Some of these beliefs can be empowering or extremely limiting. You have this limiting belief about yourself and you think it’s the truth. Someone is like, “I’m a procrastinator. I can’t public speak. I’m not good at speaking.” You’ve said it to yourself so many times that it’s become ingrained in who you are. It’s become trapped and stuck inside your body so it becomes a belief. The scary thing about beliefs is that you don’t even need to have a thought to trigger it anymore.

Can you explain that? Tell me more.

When we have a thought and it triggers a feeling, which then successes into the action and result, the belief is ingrained in who we are. It becomes the identity that we see others.

It just is. It’s even triggering it. It’s normal status quo stuff in your brain.

What I’ve noticed and what I found is that that next layer, if you’ve done all this mindset work and you’ve done all this personal development but you still don’t feel good enough, then it’s time to look deeper. It’s time to go into shadow work, inner child healing and looking at the energy that you’re operating out of. You can be doing all these things chasing success and signing on clients left and right but at the core of who you’re being, you’re not happy. You’re chasing all of this from a place to fill a void, then you’re never going to get there what you were staying in the beginning.

I’ve seen this in a lot of fellow entrepreneurs. I’ve seen it in myself. Using entrepreneurship, success and money to fill that void but is within you thinking that it’s going to make you feel better or make you happy. It doesn’t. When you’re not happy from within, you don’t have that sturdy foundation. When you hit that goal, you feel happy for a second and then you’re moving on to the next goal because it doesn’t fulfill you.

The double whammy of that is that experience gets put back into your bank account. Your subconscious mind remembers everything. It knows what you wore on your second birthday. Our conscious mind can’t keep up with all of this but our subconscious mind does. Consciously, you’re putting that into your bank of beliefs. “I achieved this and I still don’t feel good enough. I must not be good enough. No matter what I do, I’m still not happy. Maybe I’m not meant to be happy.” All these negative beliefs and all of these negative experiences start to take an impact on our health and our bodies. It becomes an energetic block.

You may be continuously acting out of self-sabotage, acting out of an old belief, or an old identity because you have this energy block stuck in you. It’s either a feeling or it’s an experience that you’ve never truly released. It might be a statement of thought that you’ve never expressed. You continue to repress and it becomes stuck. A lot of the work I do is I’m working with Reiki, which is energy healing and chakras. A lot of times, my clients will be like, “I can’t post. I have all this great content. I feel like I can’t speak.” These are brilliant women who are doing their journaling, meditating, showing up for themselves, doing self-care, doing the mindset work, reading personal development and listening to shows. They’re like, “What the heck? I’m doing all this stuff. Why can’t I post the content? I have the content sitting in later. I’m done. I can’t press post.”

This is when it becomes essential to start to do the deeper shadow work and uncover where I am getting it. What is the old belief that I’m operating out of? This might be a belief that was conditioned or given to us when we were 7 or 8. It might be something that’s happening in the physical environment that’s inhibiting us from taking an action. Through Reiki, which is energy healing, we can start to work on cleansing this block that we have in our body. Are you familiar with what energy is? Should I go into that?

I would love it if we could define shadow work and then energy. That would be helpful for everyone.

Let’s start with shadow work. Shadow work is part of our psyche, part of our ego that we have repressed or hidden for fear of judgment or not being accepted by others. We tend to turn off what doesn’t get love and then we amplify the parts of ourselves that do. My favorite two questions to ask people are, maybe you can ask them, Kendra, as a child gut reaction, whose love did you crave the most, your mom or your dad?


Who did you have to become in order to receive his love?

Competitive sports person and an amazing skier.

What parts of yourself did not receive love or attention from him?

TWCK 43 | Shifting Your Mindset
Shifting Your Mindset: Everyone needs to meet themselves with compassion because when you are ambitious and have all these goals you want to reach, you can tend to just want to reach that next thing for the sake of reaching it..


Can you explain? I’m not sure I get that one.

Did he maybe not acknowledge any of your creativity or you’re liking to be out in nature?

I would say the emotional side of myself. I got love when I achieved but I didn’t get it when I was emotional.

What happens is that the emotional side of you becomes your shadow.

This is so true. I struggle with emotion and I hate it. I hate when people think that I’m being emotional. It’s so funny. I posted this YouTube video. It was different than my usual YouTube videos. I was talking about how I’ve been struggling with everything that’s going on in the world and feeling low. I had many amazing people reach out to me and be like, “I’m here for you.” It made me not. I was like, “I’m fine. I posted that because I’m trying to connect with you. Don’t ask me if I’m fine. Why is this happening?” This is amazing that many people are showing up to support me and I’m annoyed with them.

It triggered you. That’s your shadow. That’s the part of you that you repressed, you put away, and you hide because you don’t think that that is the part of you that’s going to receive love or you’ve been conditioned to hide.

I heard a lot of like, “Don’t be a drama queen.” Teenage girls can be crazy but they also get gaslighted.

When you’re being told you’re being too emotional, that’s our shadow. For me, what got a lot of love and attention was my perfectionism and my discipline. What didn’t get attention was everything else like when I would read, things like that. When I got in trouble, I got my books taken away from me. That is shadow work. Shadow work is having the courage to pull the curtains and investigate that. One, you showing up and filming a video about your emotions is you doing the shadow work. Personally, I know you said all the work you’ve done on your own emotional and spiritual wellbeing to be able to show up in that way. A lot of us, we repressed that or we don’t want to get into it. That’s shadow work. It’s that part of our psyche. A lot of times, what happens is we think that people will love us more if we don’t have that a part of us.

That could be totally subconscious.

That self-improvement starts with self-love. When we learn to love all the pieces of ourselves, especially our shadows and the piece of ourselves that we’ve cut away or we feel like, “If I was less shy then I would be more liked.” If we can learn to embrace all of that then we can start to build our self-improvement from a foundation of self-love. This is when we stopped getting off of that hamster wheel of the when-then game or chasing that finish line. That’s shadow work. Energy, we all have this one life force energy. It’s the same energy that’s within you, me, the trees and nature. Some people call it the life force energy or God, the universe, or source.

When we do Reiki, it is energy healing. I’m able to channel energy from the source into my client, whether that be physically there with me laying down or distance. A lot of times within the different chakra centers that we have in our bodies, chakra can either get blown out or it can get blocked due to different things. For example, if you have a hard time speaking up, speaking your truth, communicating, maybe even communicating your feelings to your partner, then your throat chakra may be blocked. Energy healing can help clear out any blocked energy, reenergize and heal. There are all these different colors that we use. I’m not healing you. You are your own healer. It is dependent on the person receiving the energy healing and how much of it they’re going to get.

One of the biggest things that are going to block energy healing is resentment. If you were holding resentment or anger about anything then you won’t be able to fully receive the life force energy. It’s an ancient Japanese practice. It’s funny because I’m half Japanese. I love that my journey took me there. The reason why my journey took me to Reiki is because I had been going to therapy for so many years, specifically for my relationship with my parents. Usually, around the holidays, I get depressed because I don’t go home. Holidays are family. In 2019 around this time, I was like, “I’m so sick of this. What is it that I need to do that’s going to help me heal so I can stop being so hard on myself about it?”

I sought out Reiki and energy healing. It’s not a right away thing like how mindset is never a right away thing. After my first session, a month later, something triggered me. I was able to work through it. I finally feel as if my parents don’t have this energetic hold on me. I felt like I was able to clear out a lot from my sacral, my root chakra. I was able to feel safe in my body because I was feeling unsafe. That’s why I was like, “The next layer is energy healing.” I had done so much mindset work. I was a mindset coach doing tons of therapy and I still couldn’t shake that feeling.

I’ve had that experience. The talk therapy that I did in counseling was so helpful for bringing those things into my awareness. You’re like, “I’ve talked about this over and over. I don’t want to fucking talk about it anymore. There must be something else.” I did do some Reiki. I worked with an energy coach with Shelley Tomelin in the Nelson area. She was great. I also got into breathwork, which was helpful. It resonated with me. I did a workshop through Samantha Skelly. She’s like, “Sometimes, you don’t need to know what it is to release it.” That resonated with me. We’re sitting here drudging up our wounds and talking about them over and over but what about letting them go without giving them a second thought.

A lot of times, when I’m doing Reiki, I’ll incorporate breathwork in there because of what happens when you’re doing breathwork. We did breathwork together, didn’t we?

Yeah. We did a little session together.

I remember that because you’re able to get out of your limbic brain and into your body. You’re able to access it because our bodies remember everything. If you are having a hard time speaking out or if there’s a stressful situation, look at your body language. Maybe you’re cowering, you’re clenching your stomach, or you shut your jaw super tight so your body remembers that energy each and every time. My first breathwork session was with Ruby. I physically felt the pressure on my body that I was energetically doing to myself. I hope that makes sense. I’m putting so much emotional pressure on myself to be successful. I was successful but I wasn’t feeling it.

Finally, when I did breathwork, I was able to get in my body and I felt it. It was so painful. It wasn’t a fun session. I didn’t release because I’m stubborn as hell. I cannot believe that it’s how painful it is. I couldn’t physically feel it because it’s been emotional. It’s been energetic and that’s what triggered me to be like, “I need to do energy work.” It’s not on the inside. It’s not my thoughts. I do all this. It is physically stuck in my body and I need to release it. Reiki and breathwork have been that next deeper layer that a lot of your readers might be ready to take.

TWCK 43 | Shifting Your Mindset
Shifting Your Mindset: Vulnerability is allowing yourself to truly be seen, knowing that you are in harm’s way and allowing yourself to really open up. It should be celebrated.


I’ve had a similar experience with breathwork. I got into breathwork with Ruby. Ruby is our life coach, leadership coach. What do we call her? She’s amazing. She’s our mentor. We love her. She had recommended Marcel Hof’s breathwork course, the brother of Wim Hof, The Iceman. I got into that. That was helpful. It gave me a lot of energy. I felt like it put a lot of vitality into my body. That was helpful. When I did Samantha Skelly’s four-hour breathwork workshop, I had this emotional release that was crazy. I was bawling and seizing. It felt like I took the best shit of my life. We’re going to be gross here. It’s an emotional dump. I was like, “I don’t know what that was.” I felt like shit for a day afterwards. I was exhausted. I was like, “I let go of something.” It occurred to me how powerful something like breathwork could be.

If you had never done that, you would have continued with the mindset work. You have kept digging and trying to find the root. I love finding the root and the core wounds. What is the core wound that we’re operating on? What is this wounded belief with our identity around? That can be helpful. At some point, you have to stop digging and you have to say, “I’m not happy with this. I want to reset. I’m willing to do what it takes to build a new life for myself.” There comes to a point where you have to stop digging and you have to start building.

I haven’t thought about this that way before like stop digging, start building. What would be some actionable steps our audience members could take if they’re like, “This is me, I resonate with what you are talking about?” What are some things that they could do?

First, I would love for everyone to meet themselves with compassion. When you are type-A and ambitious, you have all these goals you want to reach, we can tend to want to reach that next thing for the sake of reaching it. Meeting ourselves with compassion in this present moment with where you are. Number two is taking personal responsibility. You have to be willing to take personal responsibility for how you feel. No one made you feel that way. I had a traumatic childhood but I had to stop blaming my parents and my past experiences. When I gained a bunch of weight post-competition and I was a pro, I was like, “I had to take personal responsibility for that.”

For a long time, I was blaming my hormones for my weight gain. My husband was so funny. He doesn’t do any personal development but he knows a lot the way he looked at me. He was like, “It’s here, Chanee.” He was pointing to his head. I was like, “You’re wrong. Something is wrong with my hormones. I got to figure it out. There’s got to be another coach. There’s got to be something.” It wasn’t. I had to take personal responsibility for that. Meet yourself with compassion, start to take personal responsibility, and then hire someone to help you. You are not meant to do this alone. That community and vulnerability are vastly underrated. One of my highlights is seeing women open up to other women. This sounds crazy. In my virtual retreats, people are sobbing to each other and I love it.

Every time I cry, I think of you. I’m like, “Chanee would be proud.”

I’m proud because tears are a relieve thing. Finding a space where you can be vulnerable, where you can show up vulnerably. We talked about this on my show. Vulnerability is putting yourself in harm’s way but I don’t see it like that. I think of vulnerability as allowing yourself to truly be seen. Knowing that you’re not in harm’s way and allowing yourself to open up. Finding either a mentor, a community or a place where this is celebrated. This is the norm because this is deep work. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

It’s so true about vulnerability. It does allow you to be seen but it also helps you connect with other people. This is something I learned from Brene Brown. She’s like, “You’re not going to be able to connect if you can’t be vulnerable.” You can’t connect with someone with who you only talk about the weather. Everyone is a fucking nightmare.

I don’t do surface level. If we have a conversation, you’re going to cry, I can’t help it. I’m like, “Go there.” Brene Brown says this great thing. She says that shame cannot live in vulnerability. A lot of times, what holds us back from truly stepping into our potential and releasing this shit is the shame. Shame cannot live in vulnerability. Finding a place where you can be vulnerable, where you can release, where you can talk about these things, and not feel judged for it but where it is the norm can help you open up, let go and evolve.

You’re not alone. These things that you’re feeling, this fear of vulnerability and all of that, a lot of people are dealing with this. When I made that YouTube video, the number of people who gave me feedback and reached out to me, I was like, “Everyone is feeling the exact same way as I am.” That’s beautiful and comforting.

You’ll realize that you’re not that special. You’re special. We love you but your problems aren’t special. If I’m dealing with something, I guarantee there are one million other people dealing with the same exact thing. Vulnerability shows us that we’re on that same path.

It’s a big reason why I stopped working with private clients who were new in their business because I found that they were getting so tripped up with this mindset stuff but they didn’t know that it was normal. They weren’t even aware that they were not the only person experiencing this. It made me realize that new coaches are better served in a group format because then they can see each other. They can connect with each other and realize like, “That person feels the exact same way I do.” This is normal. We’re all feeling this way. When you’re all alone, you don’t even realize what you don’t know.

My first experience of this was post-competition. After I gained a lot of weight, I came out of the closet. I talked about my binge eating, which was scary to talk about. I talked about how I felt about myself. It was amazing the feedback that I got from so many people were like, “I felt this way too. Thank you for talking about it,” which is what sparked my obsession with creating community and places for women to come together so that they can share in their struggles and not feel alone. When you hear your story being told from someone else’s mouth, you’re all of a sudden able to see all the pieces then you can see the exit sign. When you’re saying the story by yourself, all you see is the problem. You feel like you’re stuck. The community is awesome. It’s compassion, personal responsibility and then community.

I love that you talk about personal responsibility too. I spoke about this in a mindset training with my HCA students where I was victimhood. This is a toxic place to be as a business owner. You have to take full responsibility for your business and the experiences you have. A good point to mention and you mentioned this when we talked about your family is, just because something is not your fault doesn’t mean you can’t take responsibility for the way you’re reacting to it and perceiving it.

It’s so much more powerful. It’s called having active acceptance. There’s a great book called Being Happy by Tal Ben-Shahar. It’s about perfectionism. He talks about active acceptance and having positive acceptance for where you are so that you can use that positive energy to move forward. We cannot do that if we don’t take personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility doesn’t mean that the other person is off the hook. It doesn’t mean that they’re forgiven for whatever it is they did. It means that you no longer are going to be a victim to your own mindset and you were deciding to build.

It’s so important. I don’t think people can heal. I don’t think people can build businesses unless they’re in that. I call it radical responsibility. It’s the same thing. You have to be there. Otherwise, everything is happening to you. You were a victim of your circumstances and reacting to everything that’s coming at you. That’s not going to work from the perspective of a growth mindset in life or business.

It’s a choice. It’s not that hard.

TWCK 43 | Shifting Your Mindset
Shifting Your Mindset: When you hear your story told from someone else’s mouth, all of a sudden, you’ll be able to see all the pieces, then you can see the exit sign.


It’s a great choice. It’s the best choice you’ll ever make. I get it because I’ve been there. I used to be a victim to everything. I realized that it wasn’t serving me. I needed to get over my shit and get over myself. I love that act of acceptance. I’m going to use and steal that.

It’s a great mindset having active acceptance.

Thank you so much, Chanee. This has been a great conversation. I feel like I had a hot moment on this show. Thank you for that. I would love it if you would tell the audience how can they connect with you and work with you if they want to do Reiki with you. How can they get in touch with you?

I have a healing collective. It’s a private membership community. It’s called Evolv. It is for the woman who is ready to step into her ever-evolving self-growth journey. It’s not just for coaches. I have been on my own journey of finding this niche. Kendra talks about niches. I’ve had to do some work on this. If you are reading this episode and you are a health coach, you need this. If you are doing mindset work, it’s still not working, and you’re doing it by yourself then you need a community where you can show up in your full vulnerability and your full authenticity, a place where that is celebrated. It is a healing collective.

We focus on inner child healing, journaling, mindset and self-care practices. That’s where you can hang out with me. I also do work with coaches in another container. That’s called The Highest Self Mastermind. I’m not a business coach. If you need a strategy, you go to Kendra. If you need a life coach or a mentor who is going to hold space for you and truly see you, I have a mastermind that’s called The Highest Self Mastermind. It’s less strategy, more healing. It’s the healing side of being an entrepreneur. Those are the two things that I do, the community and then the mastermind. I’m obsessed.

I was a guest expert in your Highest Self Mastermind. It was a fun group and so intimate. I loved it.

What I do is I bring experts like Kenny in to practically teach the stuff. You can hang out with me there. You can also come to hang out with me on my show. It’s called Your Highest Self. We talk about personal development, healing and mindset there as well. It is that nitty-gritty shadow work side of your personal development journey.

It’s a great show. I listened to a great one on imposter syndrome that I thought was awesome. Check out Chanee. Thank you, everyone, for reading. I will see you in the next episode. I love you all. Have a great day.

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About Chanee Momoko

Chanee is a former Fitness & Nutrition Expert & Retired WBFF Bikini Pro turned Mindset & Success coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to help women break through self-doubt and perfectionism, heal limiting beliefs, and take massive action so they can reach their highest potential in business and life.

She’s the host of the Your Highest Self podcast and founder of the Highest Self Mastermind that helps aspiring coaches create the conviction to go from a self-conscious nobody to a self-confident leader through balancing feminine & masculine energy.

- Kendra
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