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Can You Have More Than One Niche?

Can You Have More Than One Niche?

Today’s episode was inspired by a DM I received from one of my followers. The DM asked if it’s possible to have two niches and two businesses. If you’re feeling multi-passionate and can’t land on a business idea, let alone a niche to target – this episode is for you.

In this episode I’ll discuss:

  • if having two niches is a bad idea
  • can you start two businesses at the same time?
  • my experience with trying to serve two niches under one brand
  • how to sell a product and a service at the same time

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I think coaches generally feel a lot of resistance towards niching because they feel like they’re putting themselves in a box or it means they can only speak about that one topic, but that is a total myth. Niching is simply about marketing and messaging, it doesn’t necessarily affect what you can and can’t talk about because as we know as health coaches, everything is connected. We just need to make whatever we are talking about relevant to our ideal client’s problem. 

Now, I want to talk about why having two niches is a bad idea for most coaches. There are always outliers, but this is the thing with two niches. When you have two niches, that means you have two ideal clients. So that means you have two entirely different people, therefore you have two different marketing messages. This means you’re going to need two sets of social media accounts. Most of the time, not always, but a lot of the time you’re going to need two programs or products, and you’re going to need two entirely different sets of content to serve each of these individual niches. 

So when you’re new and starting out, don’t start a second business before you build the first. It always makes more sense to have one ideal client, one marketing message, one social media account, one set of content and one program, and get really good at selling that before you start to sell something else. Because when you try to do in all under one brand, it ends up confusing your audience. Plus it will take doubled the time, if not more, to grow.

- Kendra
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