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5 Types of Content to Post in Pre-Launch

5 Types of Content to Post in Pre-Launch

What is more important than the launch? It’s the pre-launch period! I’m not saying the launch is not important, but what’s more important is what happens leading up to the launch because people take time to warm up to you to get to know you, to get comfortable with you, to trust you, and to have a relationship with you.

And in this episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m sharing five different types of content that you should be posting leading up to anything you’re launching. 

In this episode:

  • how long to you should put out pre-launch content
  • different types of content you should be putting out during pre-launch
  • how to skew the ‘I have to ask my significant other’ objective
  • why you need to show your audience what’s happening behind the scenes

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So here are five different types of content that you should be posting leading up to anything you’re launching. 

1) Authority: this type of content shows people that you are an expert in your topic.

You can use authority content by pulling snippets from your paid offer taht you’re launching and teaching that in a small dose. So pull your free content from your paid content, but don’t give it all away.

You can do this by telling them what to do, but don’t show them how to do it. So for example, I’m showing you what content to create, but if in Group Program Academy, I’ll tell you how to post and exactly what to post. 

Authority content is educational, and shows your audience how to do something or educate them on your topic.

2) Connection: this content is all about sharing more about you and your connection to your topic.

It’s about getting personal and vulnerable but creating common values with your audience and connection. It doesn’t have to be niche specific but it’s something that you have in common with your audience. For example, I used to be a health coach and I’m passionate about health, so occasionally I post content that’s specific to health. I know you guys love hearing about my health journey. 

This connection content is just a once and awhile piece to help your audience get to know you.

3) Belief Disruption: this is all about shifting limiting beliefs around your program topic.

Think personal limiting beliefs, but also industry standards that maybe don’t make sense. This type of content is important because beliefs that people have might be the reason why they decide not to work with you. If people believe that there’s nothing they can do to shift their concerns, then they may not be compelled to sign up for your program. So when you post belief disrupting content, you shift from being just an expert to almost being a bit of a thought leader. 

4) Objection: this is anything that might prevent someone from signing up with you. 

Objections are usually finances, timing or the classic ‘I have to ask my husband’. So do some time in your content planning to address those objections and show your audience how your program or product will actually help their reasons. You’re not just addressing them as they come up, you’re anticipating these objections in advance and then you’re creating content around them. 

5) Behind the Scenes: this type of content is all about giving your audience an inside look into what you’re creating. 

This content keeps your audience in the know and builds excitement for your launch. Instagram stories are a great place to share. So Instagram stories are a great way to show people the behind the scenes.

Every time you are actively working on your program, be sure to show your audience so they know it’s going to be ready soon. So when it comes time to launch, they’re not surprised and they’re excited to sign up.

In the spirit of pre-launch, I would love to tell you about Group Program Academy, which is opening up July 20th. This is my five step process that teaches you how to create launch and monetize a group coaching program. If you’ve never launched anything before, or you’ve been working one-on-one with clients and you are ready to move to a one to many business model – Group Program Academy is for you! Get all the details and get on my VIP list so you get notified when doors open on July 20th, plus score some extra bonuses.

- Kendra
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