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How to be a Guest on a Podcast

How to be a Guest on a Podcast

If you are sick of throwing money towards paid social advertising, I may have a solution for you that costs little to nothing AND gets more return than any ad. In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m going to share with you how to be a guest on a podcast.

In this episode:

  • how to find podcasts to reach out to
  • my ultimate pitch formula that has landed me multiple guest spots
  • why being a guest on a podcast is better than paid advertising
  • how many pitches do you need to make
  • what topics you should pitch on other podcasts
  • the thing you can do first before getting on podcasts to practise

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Listen to the episode:

If you’re interested in building your business through organic marketing strategies (ie. without paid advertising), then collaborations are critical to you. And a great place to collaborate is podcasts because it’s a win-win for everyone. You get in front of a new audience and the podcaster gets to have a new topic they’ve never talked about before, adding value to their show.

And that’s why I put a lot of focus on collaborations. But if you’re going to commit to getting yourself on podcasts, you need to commit to it and you should be pitching yourself to at least  two to four show a month. Because you will get a lot of no’s. So you want to pitch to more than what you can actually take on because for every 5 you pitch, you might get one that responds that says yes.

Now, when it comes to being a guest on a podcast, it’s really important when you’re pitching that you are pitching podcasts that you believe your audience is listening to. It doesn’t have to be specific to your niche, but it does have to be one of their interests. And if you’ve done your market research appropriately, and you’ve spoken to people who are in your ideal client group, then you will get a good idea of what they’re actually listening to. 

And when you pitch to podcasts, you need to look at everything that the podcast host has covered already, and look for the gaps that you can fill that would be valuable to their audience. By giving them something that falls in line with what they talk about but perhaps something they haven’t covered yet, it makes the host’s life way easier – giving you a greater chance of getting on the show.

Being a guest on podcasts is all about building visibility over time and extending your audience reach. If you commit to the strategy, you will be everywhere and people will start to remember who you are and want to work with. This type of collaborative strategy is something I teach in depth inside Health Coach Accelerator where I give you the pitch templates, scripts, swipe files, strategy and feedback. Health Coach Accelerator opens September 23 and the only way in is to get on the VIP list here.

- Kendra
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