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How Kasandra Landed Her First Client

How Kasandra Landed Her First Client

Getting your first client in your business is a HUGE game changer! It’s that defining moment when you realize that all the hard work you’re putting into your business is paying off.

That’s exactly how my HCA student, Kasandra felt when she landed her first client after completing the Health Coach Accelerator course.

In this episode Kasandra and I chat about:

  • her experience with 1-on-1 sessions
  • why posting & ghosting wasn’t working with her marketing strategy
  • how she’s changed her marketing strategy since HCA
  • her business growth after Kasandra nailed down her niche
  • her first discovery call & how it went
  • how a mindset shift can help you land your first client

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Listen to the episode:

Kasandra Miller is a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner and Period Health Expert who helps Women with horrible PMS have an effortless period naturally.  She is on a mission to help women have effortless periods and feel good in their body all month long.

She is the creator of The Period Makeover Method and it helps Women eliminate their horrible PMS.

When she isn’t spending her time learning about PMS and period problems, you will find her in the mountains snowboarding in the winter or paddle boarding on the lake in the summer.

Health Coach Accelerator is open for enrolment on September 23 for a short period of time. HCA is my live, 90-Day group experience that will teach you how to build a solid, sustainable, profitable health business that is ready to attract clients like gangbusters in 2021. Get on the VIP list to be notified when HCA opens on Wednesday.

- Kendra
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