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The Benefits of Breathwork: Can It Save Your Business?

The Benefits of Breathwork

We all breathe, but are we breathing in a way that actually benefits us? There are many benefits of breathwork and today I am diving into it all.

In this episode:

  • how breathwork can save your business
  • my journey with breathwork
  • the science behind breathwork
  • 2 breathwork techniques to help shift your energy & mindset


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I have been practising breathwork for a few years now and I’ve seen a huge benefit in how it helps me personally, and professionally. I’ve seen such a shift in my overall mindset using breathwork, that I’m training to be a facilitator in breathwork sessions, and have included breathwork into my Health Coach Accelerator program.

When it comes to business, mindset is a huge determinant of whether you will succeed or not. As entrepreneurs, we deal with perfectionism, over analyzing,  fear, and imposter syndrome. These are things that come up for all of us in business. But what I have seen between students that succeed and my students who get stuck, is typically mindset. If you don’t have a healthy and empowered mindset, then you’re going to get stuck. And this is typically what is preventing people from succeeding in business is the mindset. 

The more I’ve gone through the breathwork facilitator training program, the more I’ve realized that breath work could be an incredibly powerful tool for us in business. In helping my students shift and transform their energy into a more empowered, a more loving, a more embodied and a more productive, energetic state. That’s why I decided to bring breathwork into Health Coach Accelerator

There are two different types of breathwork: integrative and meditative. Meditative involves going for a longer period of time to get into a very deep meditative state that requires a facilitator, but integrative breathwork can shift your energy quite quickly and be done on your own. There are two breathing strategies that can be done during integrative breathwork that are very effective to use as you need them. I guide you through these two strategies in today’s episode. I teach the meditative breathwork inside Health Coach Accelerator where I will facilitate you through the deeper healing and get into the deeper shifts. 

So if you’re really stuck in your business, and you’re not seeing progress then consider breathwork because it’s likely a mindset stuff. You do not need more strategy. You do not need more tools. You do not need more business education. What you probably need is mindset, and we go deep into mindset and breathwork in Health Coach Accelerator.  If you have questions about breathwork or HCA, shoot me a DM on Instagram @kendraperryinc 

- Kendra
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