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Customer Awareness Levels: Does Your Ideal Client Want Your Help?

Customer Awareness Levels

In order to help people with their problem, they have to know they have a problem to begin with! In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, we’re diving into customer awareness levels. Because the truth is, people need to want you to help them. And there’s a big difference between people needing our help and people wanting our help.


In today’s episode:

  • the 4 awareness levels of a customer
  • the biggest problem coaches make with their niche message
  • which awareness level is best to target
  • how to use your content to move someone along the awareness journey


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4 levels of customer awareness


Unaware refers to someone having zero awareness that they have a problem. So maybe they have a problem, but they don’t know that they have it. 


These customers are aware that they have a problem. They may not be exactly clear on what the problem is, but they know they have one but don’t know what the solution could be, or what products could help them.

Solution Aware

This person knows they have a problem and they’re aware of the solution, but something is preventing them from accessing that solution. The prevention could be mindset blocks, physical location, financials.

Product Aware

This person knows they have a problem, they know what the solution is, and they’re aware of what products can help them. They just haven’t taken that leap. 

A big problem that a lot of coaches make is they go for people who are unaware of the problem. And this happens when your niche message uses the root cause of the condition or symptom rather than the condition or the symptom itself. 

An example would be coaches who are niching in “balancing blood sugar”

That is a root cause, but it’s not the problem that people are identifying with. So they would be unaware that they have blood sugar issues, but they know that they have a weight problem or they have an energy problem. So when you’re out there saying, Hey, I help you solve your blood sugar problem. They’re just glazing by you because they’re looking for a weight loss coach or energy coach.

Instead, we want to solve the problem that is causing the problem that they are experiencing and they’re aware that it’s caused by the root cause. People don’t want to pay unless they’re in deep suffering and in deep pain and it’s unfortunate, but that’s just human nature. 

But it all starts with making sure you’re targeting people who actually want your help. My Niche Like a Boss workshop can help you get clear on who you’re targeting and make sure that you are targeting someone who is very aware of the problem of which you claim to solve. 

- Kendra
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