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How to Promote for Black Friday!

How to Promote for Black Friday!

Black Friday is THIS weekend – do you know what you’re going to sell for it? If you don’t think you have anything to promote for Black Friday, or don’t see the need to sell during the biggest buying weekend of the year…well listen up.

In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am sharing why you absolutely should promote for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and what you can do for your sale.

In this episode:

  • how I made almost $40,000 in one weekend
  • ideas on what you can do for Black Friday
  • how to set up your promotion for success
  • which of your services NOT to discount
  • the importance of selling on Black Friday for long term gain

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Listen to the episode:

In the past, I didn’t really do much to promote for Black Friday. But last year, I decided to throw some of my courses on promo and I ended up making almost $40,000. Just in one weekend! It was wild. People plan to spend money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They are waiting with the credit cards, ready to buy. So you need to be prepared to offer something to them! Even if it’s only $20.

Some ideas to promote for Black Friday:

  • an awesome resource from one of your programs
  • a health audit
  • bundle your free resources up and sell them
  • discount a group program or course
  • promo on a group program or course you haven’t launched yet

Now, one thing I don’t recommend you promote for Black Friday is your one-on-one coaching. You should never discount your one-on-one coaching because it’s so valuable. Discounting it really does cheapen what you do.

So stick with your smaller courses, or resources to offer. You can even offer them for $20. And though that doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to you to do all this work for a $20 promotion, it is. Making money on Black Friday isn’t necessarily the point of this sale.

Obviously, if you’re going to promote your group program or course, this could actually be a really big money maker for you. But all of this will help you get experience with a mini launch where people are really engaged and typically ready to buy. In addition to that, what you’re selling can be a fantastic lead into your one-on-one program. If somebody spends $20 bucks on a health audit, they are way more likely to become your one-to-one client. Not only have you given them a ton of value and told them everything they need to get results, but they now trust that you can help support them to get them the results!

However you promote and sell your products, just be sure to followup afterwards so they know the larger ticket item that should buy next.

I am also doing a super juicy Black Friday promo. This will be the best promo of the entire year! If you want the details and get in with this promotion, then you need to get on the waitlist so you’ll be the first to know about it.

- Kendra
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