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Is Health Coaching a Good Career & Can you Make Money as a Health Coach?



If you’re wondering can I actually make money as a health coach? my new video is for you. I’m going to discuss whether or not health coaching is a lucrative career and whether it’s one that you should actually pursue.

By now, you probably know that I’m a former functional health coach. And I ran a health coaching business for about five years and I grew it to multiple six figures.

Some people may have told you that health coaching is not a very good career. They might say it doesn’t have a pension, doesn’t have a salary, it doesn’t have benefits. Sound familiar? If you’re concerned that you can’t make money as a health coach, I 100% understand your concerns.

Repeat after me: health coaching is a good career and you can make a lot of money as a health coach!!

But the truth is, not every health coach makes good money and not every health coach is successful. So what is the difference between a health coach that makes money and has a successful career versus a health coach that doesn’t?

It took me about a year to really understand that when you become a health coach, you become an entrepreneur. It took me awhile to understand that because all I really wanted to do was just help people. I wasn’t really concerned about the whole business side of things, but the truth is you have to understand business.

The great news is coaching is actually a booming industry!

People have specific problems that they need very specific solutions for. So they’re not stressing out about their health. They’re stressing out about their acne or their weight gain or their anxiety or their joint pain. That is what they focused on and what they will PAY to solve. So when it comes to being a successful business owner and health coach, you need to solve a problem that people have, and it needs to be a big problem.

What problem do you solve?

There needs to be a clear problem that your ideal client has, and there needs to be a clear solution. And you, as the coach are going to help them get from problem to solution. This is also known as niching down.

Do you have to have training to be a health coach?

There are tons of different certification programs for nutrition and health coaching. But something I want to tell you is technically you don’t actually need to have a certification to be a coach. You can call yourself a health coach without actually going to health coaching school. But that basic underlying education will help you with your clients and give you confidence that you know what you’re talking about. And there’s a few certification programs that I recommend.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (this is the training that I did)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy Association

How much money can you make as a health coach?

When you own your own business is the sky is the limit when it comes to making money. But just being a health coach doesn’t guarantee you income because there are a lot of broke AF coaches out there.

It comes down to marketing strategy, but most importantly – mindset and self worth.

You can truly only make as much money as you believe that you are worth making. You need to know that you are worth the money you are charging, and you are worth raising your prices over time as you work with more clients and get more experience.

In order to be successful in business, you have to have a bomber mindset. That mindset is such a huge piece of a business….like 80% of business is mindset. I really believe that being a successful entrepreneur is more about overcoming blocks and limiting beliefs moreso than having the perfect marketing strategy.

So when you begin your business, you really need to accept that everything’s not going to go perfectly all the time. In fact, it’s probably never going to go perfectly. You’re going to have lots of ups and downs. You’re going to have failures and successes.

I encourage you to view your business as a puzzle and you need to enjoy putting the puzzle together.

So let’s quickly summarize what you need to do if you’re thinking of making health coaching a career.

1) What problem are you going to solve? What is going to be your specific niche?

2) You need to choose where you’re going to school. Or if you already have experience in health and wellness, you can call yourself a health coach and start working with clients.

3) You need to work on yourself in order to make money.

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- Kendra
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