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It’s NOT Your Job to Help Your Clients


What if I told you that by trying to help your clients you are disempowering them and doing a huge disservice to yourself?

You’re a health and wellness coach and you have a HUGE desire to help people. I get that! You really care about the results and well-being of your clients. And when your client doesn’t get results, you feel like you’re a bad coach and there is something wrong with you.

But what if I told you that the fact that you are trying to help your clients may be the reason why some of them are not getting the results you want for them?

In this episode of the HIGH on Business podcast:- how we can’t actually help our clients- the reframe we need to make for our clients to succeed- why you should stop calling your first interaction with clients a discovery call- being a ninja at picking the right clients for you- real examples of new clients gone wrong- questions to ask clients from the beginning

The truth is we can’t do the work for our clients, no matter how much we desperately want it for them. And we want them to get results. But no matter how good of a coach you are, or no matter how much good recommendations and information that you give to them, they need to to do the work to get the results that we all want them to get.

So, how can you weed people out that aren’t ready? You can start by putting out content that talks about how people are responsible for their own experience and their own health. This already puts it out into the universe that you are not responsible for their success – they are.

One you have that first interaction with them you can further the weeding by asking questions like:Why do you think you haven’t been able to figure this out on your own? What is your commitment level out of 10 and how able would you be to commit to a program like this?What do you foresee getting in the way of you completing the program?

Remember, we don’t help people, we don’t save people – we guide them. This is something I learned later in my business and is one of the things I wish I knew early on (which is why I am sharing this with you now!) If you want to know more tips that I wish I knew earlier, be sure to download my 10 Must Know Tips for New Health Coaches. Download here

- Kendra
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