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How to be a successful as an introvert

How to be a successful as an introvert

There is this huge misconception that successful coaches need to be extroverts or that they have these larger than life personalities – but this simply isn’t true. It is 100% possible to be a thriving introverted business owner – plus, I actually think online business is more suited to introverts anyway! Today I am going to share with you how to be successful as an introvert!

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My name is Kendra Perry and I am an introvert. I know it might not seem like it, but I’m a total introvert and running an online business as an introvert is amazing. And I want to share with you how to build a business as an introvert. 

Being shy vs introverted

A lot of people think that being shy means introverted, but they’re not the same thing. Shy means being reserved or showing nervousness. An introvert on the other hand needs to recharge and regain their energy when they are alone, rather than when they are with people. This is a person who hates small talk, or feels tired after being in a crowd and would just prefer to be alone. 

People who are shy can still be introverts. And I think you can actually overcome shyness whereas being introverted or extroverted is something that you can shift throughout life. 

Don’t use your status as an introvert to avoid marketing your business

I see a lot of coaches doing this. They make up excuses to not do something because they’re an introvert. That’s a mindset block. And I’m calling it out right now because I know so many introverted business owners who have six figure seven figure, including myself. 

How to be successful as an introvert

Typically introverts love to go deep with people – no small talk, but deep meaningful conversation. So as an introvert, you’re probably going to do really well with one-on-one coaching because you love to connect with people. And luckily for you, what really works for coaches these days is building a small, intimate and meaningful connection and deep relationships with their audience. So as an introvert, you’re a master at that.

Introverts tend to be empathetic and introspective

They have this amazing ability to understand people, to listen and to hear them. And that is so important as a coach. Because really what most of your clients want is to feel supported and that they’re heard. And I believe introverts have a total superpower when it comes to doing that. The other great thing about introverts is that they are very self-motivated, which is awesome because when you’re running an online business, you don’t really have anyone keeping you accountable and you’re mostly just working alone in your office. So it’s so wonderful that you are self-motivated because you actually need to be self motivated as an online coach.

Like everything, there are a few disadvantages to being an introvert. So one thing is the desire for approval. This doesn’t work in online business because you can’t please everyone. So be aware of any people pleasing tendencies. The other thing about introverts is they can be a little unassertive, which can be challenging when you’re running a team. Because if you are going to build a team or outsource work, you actually need to be very assertive. This is something I definitely struggle with, but it’s something I’ve committed to mastering because I have quite a decent sized team. But these disadvantages are just something to be aware of and can certainly be worked on and overcome.

So don’t worry if you’re an introvert, you’re totally built for an online business. Don’t let that be an excuse.

- Kendra
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