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How to Stand out Online as a Holistic Wellness Coach


Do you feel unseen, unheard and more daunted then ever about your business?

It’s no secret that the health coaching industry is huge and at times it can feel completely saturated.

If you want to build a sustainable business, you can’t be boring or bland, and you certainly can’t half-ass it….you NEED to stand out online.

I’m showing you the best ways you can stand out in a crowded market and be the go-to expert in your niche!

I’ll be teaching you….

  • Why being clear always trumps being clever or creative in your messaging
  • The top thing that most health coaches aren’t doing that you can leverage to grow your audience
  • The secret weapon that you already have (but probably aren’t using)
  • The power of generosity in online business
  • The mistake you are making with your content that is making you bland and boring (and what to do instead!)


You’ve got to get specific with who you talk to

That’s right – I’m talking about niching your clients! If you’re too generic, you end up being bland and boring, Because if you’re not being hyper clear with who you help, then what you’re talking about isn’t going to connect with anyone.

If you need more on niching, find out how to discover your profitable niche market and the 5 mistakes that health coaches make when it comes to niching.

You have to care about your audience

One of the biggest hacks I can give you for social media and being successful online is building relationships with your followers. You need to focus on the quality of relationships and not be focused on vanity metrics or just getting large numbers of following and quantity of followers.

The best place to create relationships is something I call: dark social. Now I know that sounds creepy but basically this is the social media that cannot be tracked. That’s going to be:

Instagram DM (direct messages)

Facebook private message

Facebook groups

LinkedIn message

One of your largest focuses should be starting as many conversations as possible in these direct messages.

Be yourself

There is no other you each and every one of us are 100% unique. People will learn from you because of your unique flavor and your unique personality and your voice. If they wanted to learn from a textbook professional, they’d read a textbook.

So to be more of yourself in your business, sit down with a couple of friends and ask them to describe you in a few words. This will help you understand who you are and how you should be showing up online.

Focus on generosity

You need to be generous with the information that you give your following and you really want to come from a place of serving and really wanting their success. You don’t want to over promote yourself and continuously ask people to buy your services. People will buy your stuff if you prove to them that you are worth buying from.

Don’t focus solely on how-to content

Yes, how-to & educational content are incredibly important, but it’s not the only content you should be sharing. You want to focus on other types:

Connection content

The sole purpose of connecting with your audience and create relate-ability. An example of this would be the podcast episode I did on building a business with a chronic illness

Behind the scenes content

Showing your audience what you’re working on

Breaking down limiting beliefs

This is when you shift from just being kind of an average coach to someone who is a thought leader.

- Kendra
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