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How to Write a Super Selling Email Sequence with Travis Baird

Content and email marketing is one of the most important pieces of your business, besides you and your knowledge of course. That’s why we’ve invited Travis Baird onto the 360 Health Biz Podcast show to talk with Christine about how you can excel your email marketing skills and create super selling nurture sequences!

This this episode, we are discussing:

  • the importance of welcoming subscribers to your list
  • when & where a “kitchen sink” email works
  • creating goals for each and every email you send
  • the one thing you must do to get more opens & more replies

Travis is an email copywriter for coaches who want to cultivate genuine relationships with their readers. He believes that when your emails surprise and delight your subscribers, you’ll attract more ideal clients and convert at a higher rate. Travis co-founded Visualized Copy with is wife, Megan. Together, they create empathy-driven and research-based email sequences that make your readers feel seen. Travis lives in San Antonio, Texas with Megan and his four cats. When he’s not writing, you can find Travis painting with watercolors, playing viola, or birdwatching. Get Travis’s Inbox Survival Kit

So, first thing’s first. What is a welcome sequence? A welcome sequence is the first set of automated emails that a new subscriber gets when they join your email list. ideally. The best thing about a welcome sequence is that it takes that moment when a new subscriber comes in and they’re most enthusiastic about you (because you’re awesome!)

When it comes to what to write in your welcome sequence, or any email for that matter, it needs to do one thing. Any email you send needs to be about what the person receiving the email needs, and it needs to be about how you can help them, not about getting something for yourself. Figure out what the goal of your email is going to be (whether it’s eventually getting someone onto a discovery call or purchase your group program), and tell a story using the language that your ideal clients use to describe their situation. Your emails shouldn’t flat out say “buy my stuff”.

When you’re writing an email, ask yourself, will my readers be able to figure out why this is important to them? You’re not just sending the email because it’s important to you. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and see what’s in it for them. Because at the end of the day, the email would be most effective if it meets their needs. Meeting their needs will lead to meeting your needs (ie. a sale).

If you set your goals, and consider what’s important to your reader, your emails will get opened more, and you will get more replies.

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