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How to Make 5K a Month as a Holistic Wellness Coach

When coaches say, “Let’s build your 6-figure business!” or “Let’s get to your first $10K month!” do you feel overwhelmed and deflated?

As a coach who may barely be clearing $3K per month, this can feel like an impossible milestone or something so far out of your reach that “why even try?!”

The truth is, you don’t need to make 6-figures to be successful. And maybe you don’t even want a 6-figure business and that is OK!

$5K per month is a fantastic and achievable milestone! When you hit your first $5K month, you can finally let go of those financial worries and start to invest back into your beautiful business.

My goal is to help you lay the foundation to hit that first $5K month. In this video, I’ll be teaching you:

  • The first non-negotiable for any successful business
  • The thing you need to know about yourself to grow online
  • The number one thing you need to create BEFORE you make a website (or make a logo)
  • The sexy tip that most health coaches don’t know
  • The most important piece of a 5K/month business that many coaches forget entirely!


I used to be a functional health coach and I hit my first five figure month, then $10K month and then $25K a month and beyond. And I have 5 tips that will help you on that path too.

Figure out your niche

I sound like a broken record at this point when it comes to niching. If you don’t niche, then you are going to struggle in your business and you may never hit that $5K month. If you’re confused about niching, I have a two-hour Define Your Profitable Niche Workshop that is the LAST niche training you will ever need. I promise!

Know yourself

There are lots of people online. There’s a lot of health coaches online. The only way for you to stand out is to be your unique self, to know who you are and know your voice.

A lot of us don’t really know ourselves. But this is what’s so cool about building a business online, is it helps you get to know yourself. It is the biggest course in personal development you will ever take. Need more on knowing yourself and your voice? Check out my other video, Developing Brand Identity and that will help you figure out who you are and what your voice is.

Develop a signature program

A signature program is something in which your business and your brand is known for. So me personally, I have my Health Coach Accelerator Method, which teaches health coaches how to build their business online. And I have my Profitable Groups System, which once you’ve got your online business foundation, teach you how to scale with group coaching programs. So these are my signature programs that my business is known for.

If you’re still confused about what a signature program is and how to develop it, watch my video How to Create a Signature Program in Your Wellness Business.

Be consistent with your content

If you can’t be consistent with showing up for your audience online, you will not build an online business. Content is how your people connect with you and how they decide if you are the right fit for them to work with.

Mind blowing customer experience

Once we have a client, we want to be heavily focused on retaining that client, giving them an amazing experience so that they recommend you to their friends and so that they continue to work with you. So you want to make sure you have a really dialed in system for when you were onboarding clients.

Obviously there are boundaries that you want to make sure are clear as well. You don’t want people taking advantage of you. The other thing you want to consider is the customer journey. So once they go through your signature program, what happens if they want to continue to work with you? You need to have something for them. If you don’t have anything else, then they’re just going to go find someone else

If you want the rest of my tips for building a super successful online business, make sure to grab my free Insider’s Guide, where I will teach you everything you should know as a new coach online.

- Kendra
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