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Ditch Your Toxic Money Mindset & Limiting Beliefs!

MONEY! Does it make you a little….uncomfortable?! Money is a touchy subject and a lot of us have a weird relationship to it. But if you want to be a thriving health practitioner, you need to repair your relationship with money. You NEED to deal with your money shit!

A lot of us download beliefs around money before we are even aware we are doing so. Ask yourself…”what did the people who raised me tell me about money?”

It might have been…

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“Money is the root of all evil!”


“You can be happy or you can have money….You can’t have both!”

Sound familiar?

Let’s figure out your money shit! Cultivating a healthy and positive money mindset is absolutely necessary if you are to succeed in online business!

My latest YouTube Video just dropped and I’ll be teaching you:

  • The top money beliefs that you downloaded as a child
  • Why your current money mindset isn’t serving you or your clients
  • The importance of making friends with your money
  • Why money is a necessary piece for your clients’ transformation process
  • How to shift your money mindset so you can attract money rather than repel it


So money mindset is something I discuss in the first pillar of my Health Coach Accelerator program. The reason why we discuss money mindset so early on is because it can prevent you from moving forward and creating success. Let’s start with what money mindset actually is.

What is money mindset?

Money mindset is a set of beliefs around money, and you likely formed these beliefs when you were pretty young and likely before you even remember creating them.

How did you learn about money growing up as a kid? You may have heard things like “money doesn’t grow in trees” or “money is the root of all evil.” Does any of that sound familiar?

You can have money and you can have time

Yup, that’s right. You could have money and you can also have happiness. You do need to work hard to make money in your business initially, but eventually you can get everything set up a team systems so that you don’t have to work yourself into the ground to make money. The more committed you are to getting your business systems set up and properly, the more time and freedom you will have.  If you stick with it and push through those first two years, then you can get to where you want to be.

Having money doesn’t make you selfish

Having money affords you a lot of things and gives you freedom. It gives you the ability to live where you want, and gives you the ability to give your kids the life you want. The truth is, if you do things right, you can have an abundance of money that you can share with others and donate to causes that you feel passionate about. But remember, you’ve got to fill your own cup first.

You have to value around money

If you don’t value money, you’re going to have a really hard time being successful in business. It doesn’t mean that you need to want to make six figures. If you’re happy to just make 60 to 80 grand a year, that’s great. If that’s all you want, but you still need to value money and making money. That doesn’t mean that money is your only driving force. You need to figure out what your why is. Maybe that’s providing a better life for your kids, or moving to Hawaii.

The transformation is in the transaction

Many health coaches just want to help people take control of their health. And asking for money may feel icky to many of you. But if people are truly going to be committed to working through your program and getting the results, they need to commit – financially. Most people who get things for free, are not committed to doing the work.

Can people afford the cost of working with you?

When you don’t see people investing in your program or signing up in your sales call, ultimately what most coaches will believe is that their stuff is too expensive and that people can’t afford it. But the truth is you don’t have any idea what’s going on in any person’s bank account. When you assume what’s going on in someone else’s bank account, you do them a disservice.

How to shift your money mindset

First you want to figure out what those money beliefs are by doing a little bit of journaling. Write them down and figure out where those beliefs come from. Then you want to change the dialogue that you have around money by interrupting your thoughts and giving your brain a new thought. This involves conscious awareness being aware of your own thoughts. And then feed your mind with the belief that you want to replace. Then, get comfortable looking at your money each month. You want to go through your bank account and look at what you’re spending money on. A good entrepreneur has a good idea of what’s coming into the business and what’s going out to the business at all times. Finally, when you decide to price your program, start with something that you can comfortably announce that price, and it should be just slightly out of your comfort zone. Then you want to increase that price with time. You should increase your prices every three to five clients that you work with.

Now go dominate your money mindset!

- Kendra
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