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Top Ways to Start an Online Nutrition Coach Business

Did you think that when you graduated from nutrition school that you could just make a Facebook page and the clients would come running?! I did!

I was totally clueless and ignorant about what it actually meant to build an online business. I thought it would be as simple as make a social media post and saying,
“Hey! I am a health coach! Who wants help with their health!?”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I was so very wrong.

Building a business is one of the most challenging and difficult things I have ever done in my life. Has it been worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES but the road to get here was not easy.

If you are new to your business and you are wondering why things feel so hard and why you are still struggling to find new clients online, I made this video just for you. I’m breaking down the EXACT pillars that I teach inside my signature program, Health Coach Accelerator.

If you aren’t implementing all five pillars then your business model will be ineffective and fail to lead you to success and sustainability.

1. Mindset

Building a business is pretty objective. It’s mostly just data and numbers – what’s working, what’s not working. That part of business is not that difficult. What really gets new coaches is the mindset. They don’t realize that building a business basically unearth all your insecurities. And it’s a reflection of your inner world.

Because the truth is, you’re going to get rejected. Someone is going to write a negative post on your social media. So in the Health Coach Accelerator, we actually start with mindset because it is that important. If you don’t have the proper mindset, then building a business is going to be really hard.

The seven brain blocks that you might encounter as you build a new business:


The feeling of there’s never enough. There’s not enough clients or maybe the fact that someone else is doing well means that there’s less clients, less money, less success for you.

Fear of putting yourself out there

It’s scary to put yourself online to a bunch of strangers because of that fear of judgment. The truth is, people will judge you no matter what you do. So you might as well just show up and push through.

Imposter syndrome

The feeling that you’re a fraud and not good enough to coach or teach others. If you’re experiencing it, you are exactly where you should be because only people who step outside their comfort zone will experience imposter syndrome. And you can’t build a business inside your comfort zone.


A lot of us are conditioned within society to be perfectionist. We think we can create a perfect business behind the scenes and then launch it. Perfectionism is really just another word for procrastination. Building an online business is mostly about trying things and testing things to see if they work.


Thinking it’s all about you. The truth is everyone has so much complex stuff going on in their life. You really can’t take it personal when things don’t work in your business. It doesn’t mean anything about you. It doesn’t mean that you suck or you’re unlikable. It just means that you have to try new things.

Analysis paralysis

Over analyzing everything  and really never taking action on everything. You can analyze until the cows come home and you will never have your answer until you actually do it and see what works.

Lack of self-worth

Feeling like we’re not good enough to receive money for what we’re doing. It’s being in a constant state of doubting ourselves.

2. Niching

I talk a lot about niching. And the reason I talk about it so much is because it’s really important. Early on in your business, this is one of the biggest determinants of success. To this day, I’ve never had a health coach come to me who was struggling with making money or getting clients when they have a clearly defined niche.

It’s really important to choose a niche that people can relate to. We want to be the experts in these very specific sub markets of the overall market.

3. Sales

If someone reaches out to you and you don’t have anything to sell them, you’re going to lose that sale. So it’s really important that early on in your business, that you figure out what your signature program is. You will never hit $5k a month with one off sessions. And you will burn yourself out.

4. Attraction

You need to learn how to attract people into your world in order to sell it to them. We need to be in this constant process of bringing what we call cold leads. These are people who have never met you before, but we need to do things to continually attract them into our world so that we can warm them up and eventually sell to them. So if you were going to attract people online, you need to show up in places that your ideal clients are hanging out.

As a new online business owner, choose one platform and really master it, really get to know how to utilize it and try to use it to actually build relationships and interact with your people. Now, in terms of which social media platform should you be using, it really depends on where your ideal clients are hanging out.

5. Experience

So it’s experience for your clients, but it’s also experience for you. This is all about creating the best customer service experience and program experience for your clients. You want everything to be set up and your onboarding process to be really easy and straightforward. Because if it’s a gong show, that’s going to reflect badly on you. And they are not going to continue to be your client and they are not going to recommend you to others.

If you want to go through these five pillars in much greater detail, and get to a place where you’re consistently make $5k in your business, that is what’s going to be inside my Health Coach Accelerator program. If you’re interested in getting on the VIP list, you join here and be the first to know when it’s available. VIP will get early access as well as bonuses that I don’t offer elsewhere. And that typically is a big price discount that no one else gets. So that is why you want to be on the waitlist.

- Kendra
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