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How to Identify Your Customer Pain Points as a Health Coach



Pain points are a specific problem that prospective customers of your business are experiencing, and are specific to your niche. The truth is all humans want to avoid pain, and your ideal client is experiencing pain around their specific health issue. They hate it, it bothers them, and they desperately want to get rid of it. So if you want to sell your product or service, you have to explain to your ideal client how you’re going to help their problem go away. And if you can show how your awesome health coaching program is going to get rid of their health issue, they are going to invest.

But if you want to identify the pain points of your ideal client, you have to know who your niche is. This is a really big blocking factor for health coaches. 

The most important thing about pain points, is that they need to come from your ideal client, and not you. You might be able to extract some pain points from you if you are someone who has suffered from the same things as your ideal client, but it’s really important that you get those pain points from the real humans struggling with whatever your niche is struggling with at this very moment.

Let’s say you’re just starting out so you’re brand new. You’ve never had a client and you don’t have a way to find people to talk to. Your niche is out there – there are tons of people online looking for someone like you to help them! So go out there and do the research and find these people and figure out what are they actually struggling with.

There are six really amazing ways to connect with your ideal client and see what they’re struggling with. 

1) If you’ve ever had a client who has suffered with your niche problem, ask them. Ask them questions or just pay attention to when they speak. And if not, maybe you have a friend, or a family member, or a spouse, or someone else who has struggled with your niche problem who wouldn’t mind if you asked them a few questions.

2) A great place to learn about your ideal client pain points is in Facebook groups. There are lots of Facebook groups around all different types of health problems. Join a group that is specific to your niche and look at what are they posting, what are they struggling with, what questions are they asking. Don’t go in there and try to sell. There’s usually rules around that and that could get you booted out. But, you can go in there and just ask questions, engage, be a fly on the wall.

3) Outside of Facebook, you could go to Instagram and you could follow someone who is in a similar niche and look at their posts and see who’s commenting and what are the questions.

4) If you have any amount of following, even if you only have 50 to a hundred people on Instagram, or LinkedIn, or wherever it is you’re hanging out, get out there and ask them. Use Instagram Stories and use the question  or poll features and ask questions like, “What are you actually struggling with? What is the hardest thing about having anxiety? What drives you the most insane about having anxiety?” There are so many different ways to actually get out there and engage with people who have this issue.

5) Send out a survey. Basically, I sent out a survey and I bribed people. I find if you want people to take action you can offer them a chance to win a gift certificate or some sort of prize if they complete the survey. And based on survey results, you can use those results to create your content.

6) Draw from your own personal experience. A lot of us end up niching in health issues that we have struggled with personally. You don’t want to use only your own pain points from your experience because we all have unique experiences and you want to really extract those pain points from a wide variety of your ideal clients. But if you have had personal experience in your niche, then you can definitely draw on your own personal experience and take pain points from your own life.

What I challenge you to do is go out there and do this research and find 30 pain points from 30 different people who are struggling with what you are niching in and write them down. And then go and solve each of those pain points. You’ve just done 30 days of content and you can just go out there and share it. At the end of 30 days you can literally just repeat because the truth is not everyone’s going to see all your content, and it’s not actually a bad thing to be repetitive online. This is a fantastic way to create content – video, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it.

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- Kendra
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