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Planning for Next Year (and Focusing on Your Goals)

Planning for Next year

This year was a shit show for many of us but the positives to it was we learned a lot about ourselves and our businesses. So we want to guide you a little bit through what you can do to plan for 2021. This will be things that you should always do, but also things that we’ve learned specifically from this year.

The biggest lesson we learned with 2020 is that planning is important but you need flexibility in your plan. So how do you do this for 2021? We’re discussing this on the latest episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast.



It’s important that you start the year having a vision for what you want to do and what you want to focus on. As much as we all want to take on as much as possible and get ourselves out into the world, you should really only focus on three to four things in a year. Yes, a year!

Visually Plan It

Get a big overall calendar for the year that you can put on the wall and mark out what you want to plan and when. This is launches, conferences, time for course creation, vacation time, etc. You don’t need exact dates but be sure to pin point roughly the weeks that you’ll set aside for these things.

Remember, you can’t promote five different things at the same time. You have to give your audience (and yourself frankly) space in between your launches. You can’t just be always promoting to them because people don’t always want to be promoted to. So you want to make sure that you’re promotions are spaced out and planning ahead will allow you to do so.

Re-Evaluate Quarterly

Once you’ve got your year planned out of when you’ll be launching, creating, and taking time off, you’ll also want to set aside time on a quarterly basis to make sure you’re checking your upcoming project to ensure they’re relevant.

Just Keep Going

Because when something doesn’t go as planned (and FYI something will always go unplanned), you need to be prepared to pivot. What we’ve noticed is that when something doesn’t go as planned, there is one of two reactions: we either give up and crash and burn, or we pivot and keep going.

You can’t just drop off forever and give up. We don’t want you to do that! You need to learn how to run your business through hard times. If you’re going to be a successful business owner, you have to run your business, despite the really intense things going on in your life and in the world. And that does mean that sometimes we need to rework things or shift what we’re doing or even change directions. And 2020 was a really good lesson of that.

Having a mini pity party when times are tough are completely understandable. But they should be in, temporary. But then you just gotta be like, okay, this is the reality. This is what’s happening. Like what do I need to do to move forward? How can I rework?

It’s all Figureoutable

The great thing for online coaches is that you’re doing everything online. So as long as the interest is still running, you have the opportunity to sell your services. Coaching is still a massive industry and people are still investing in getting coaching help. So as long as you have a plan in place, you WILL figure it out. As Marie Forleo says “everything is figureoutable”.

- Kendra
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