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Is Swearing Unprofessional in Business?

Does dropping an F-Bomb or two online make you unprofessional AF? Do you think it will it repel your clients or cause you to lose credibility? Will it offend your mom?! Yes, it will most definitely it will offend your mom (I know it offends mine – I love you Mom!).

But listen up. The only thing I want for you is to show up as authentically yourself.

I want you to be unapologetic. I want to experience your personality. I want you to talk to your online audience the same way you talk to your in-person besties.

If swearing is something you like to do, why not?! But if it offends someone – it doesn’t matter and I’ll discuss why in today’s Wealthy Coach Podcast episode.


I honestly probably receive at least one message a week from someone making a comment about how I swear in my videos and on my Wealthy Coach podcast. They tell me I have a dirty mouth and say I should stop swearing cause it actually makes me unprofessional.

We when are new in business and starting to get out there and get clients, we think we have to come across in a certain way. We want to come across professional to our ideal clients so that they respect us and see us as experts. Here’s the thing, if you swear, you’re probably going to offend some people. If you choose to swear, it doesn’t make you unprofessional. It might make some people perceive you that way, but people are going to perceive you in any way they want, it’s their perception.

When it comes to marketing and putting yourself out there, you should talk to your audience the way you would talk with your family and friends. I really believe that you should be your most authentic self. I think it’s important to show your personality. People want to see the real you. They don’t want to see the polished professional version of you that isn’t really you. So if you’re someone who would drop an F bomb in conversation or say shit sometimes, then I think that’s how you should speak in your marketing.

Even if you don’t swear, people will find another reason to criticize you. It’s just the way it is. When you’re online and putting yourself out there in front of people, you’re going to offend someone. People are going to criticize you and say mean things. People are going to put you down, they’re going to say comments that throw you off. It is going to happen. There is actually no way around it so you might as well just be out there being yourself.

- Kendra
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