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Wellness Retreats or One-Day Workshop: When to Hire A Planner with Jillian Smith

While you may not be planning any in-person events or retreats at this very moment, eventually we will start to see the retreat experience back in person again. But if you don’t know how to plan a retreat, where do you start? The first step to creating stunning health & wellness retreats is hire an event planner.

If this is your first event – whether it’s a half day workshop, a 2 day conference or a 5 day retreat, hiring a planner might seem super intimidating to you (not to mention pricey). But based on our experience, hiring someone that know how to negotiate contracts, and does all the work for you so you can just show up…is the way to go.

Today we are joined by Jillian Smith, Owner of One Touch Events, and is also the event planner of Christine’s upcoming Bali and Namibia retreats (hopefully).

In this episode, we discuss:
– DIY retreats vs hiring a planner
– different styles of events & what works best
– why niching is still important, even for events
– what to look for in a venue
– client horror stories to learn from
– what to look for in an event planner

If you’ve ever had to plan a party, workshop or even your wedding, you know there’s a lot more that goes into it than what your attendees see. Hiring an event planner may seem like a big investment but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s worth the investment. When you hire the RIGHT event planner, it’s peace of mind that you can simply show up to your event and be present for your guests (rather than checking you watch to ensure catering comes out on time).

Jillian Smith is the Owner & Managing Director of OneTouch Events LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, servicing clients in domestic and international destinations. A natural-born organizer of “all things production”, Jillian has turned her natural leadership skills and passion into an award-winning event planning firm that focuses on a heightened client and guest experience. Specializing in transformational conferences, workshops & retreats, the team’s approach to event planning is simple and streamlined processes with measurable results; your Event ROI.

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Instagram: @onetoucheventsllc
Facebook: onetoucheventsllc
Twitter: @onetouchevents
Linkedin: jilliansmith80

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