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Your Audience DOESN’T Care About You


What if I told you that your audience doesn’t care about you? I know it sounds harsh, but it’s 100% true. They don’t care about your house or your dog or your breakfast or how much you like the sunshine.

You are an entrepreneur and a business owner. That means that you need to post and share things that are relevant to your business and your audience! So what we’re going to be talking about today is the type of content that you should be sharing on your website, in your emails, on social media.

In this episode, I’m letting you in on some secrets:- the difference between an influencer and an entrepreneur- a lot of followers doesn’t mean a lot of money- your business isn’t about you- the 60:30:10 content ratio

60% of your content should be educational or belief disrupting. Educational content shows your audience how to do something or how to get a result. It gives them some sort of value and belief. Disrupting content is something that shifts their beliefs. And this really has to do with you knowing what beliefs your clients have and then going in and showing them that there’s another way this is and isn’t actually in fact true. If you want an example of a belief disrupting piece of content, check out the High on Business episode, It’s Not Your Job to Help Your Clients. The other 40% includes behind-the-scenes content with a small portion as your personal content and this is so people can relate to you and show that you’re a human being.

Remember, People’s attention spans are minuscule (especially these days when all anyone can think of is coronavirus). So you only have four to five seconds to capture someone’s attention before they hit the back button and lose them forever. So you really have to tell them what’s in it for them and be very clear right off the bat with who you help. You want to speak to their pain points and go on and talk about your method and how you can actually help them.If you aren’t sure who your client is or their paint points, then you need to make that your first priority before you create any content! On April 3rd, I am hosting a 2-hour live interactive workshop on finding your niche. I PROMISE, this will be the last niche training you ever need. This is your last chance to get 70% off:

- Kendra
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